Decoded Sundays – Silinder

Silinder is Dublin’s Gavin Mulhall. It’s not hard to hear his various influences ranging from Depeche Mode, the Cure, Nine Inch Nails & New Order. After a number of releases on Irish label, Fudge Recordings in 2003/2004, his bootleg remix of Blue Monday in 2005 was championed by James Zabiela as he toured the globe that year. James also picked up on Silinder’s remix of his own track ‘Robophobia’ which was eventually signed by Renaissance in 2005 and featured on the September issue of the DJ Mag cover cd mixed by James & Meat Katie.

In 2007 Silinder has had releases on numerous labels including Renaissance and Kriece’s own Kindred Label Group and in 2008 has signed music to Irish based label Amalgam Audio and Manchester’s Segment Records. Moving in to 2009, big tracks on Stripped, Bellarine & once again on Segment Records has had Silinder in an array of charts, radio shows & live mixes from some of the world’s biggest & most in demand DJs from around the world. Also that year, Silinder has found time to collaborate with fellow Dublin producers Boshell & Cody as Coherent and have had their original tracks & remixes signed to Particles [Proton Records].

Into 2010 and Silinder’s remix of Spooky’s ‘Little Bullet’ was caned by Charlie May on his recent tour & big releases again on Kindred Sounds & Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat label gained massive support worldwide. Not stopping there, in 2011, a massive remix of one of the biggest progressive house anthems of the 90’s followed, a remix of Four Seasons by Blue Amazon, which was released by Jackpot on a best of…Blue Amazon. A steady stream of originals & remixes have followed in 2012 till present, on Lowbit, Per-vurt, Baires, Perspectives and again on Sudbeat, Proton & Kindred Sounds to see this Irish talent making a big name for himself…stay tuned…

Gavin doesn’t make many commercial mixes, so its a real honour to be able to host this one at the closing of ADE. This collection of tracks hold a special place in his heart, and the passages below explain why…


01// Slacker – A Million Dreams [Intro]
Taken from the 2010 album ‘Start A New Life’. I’ve been a fan of Slacker’s since I heard ‘Scared’ back in 1996. Love what he did with this album, chilled, downtempo and so diverse. Loved the sample in this track and thought it was perfect for the intro.

02// Clubroot – Birth Interlude
This was the first track I heard from Clubroot, taken from his debut in 2009. It’s an album full of deep, dark electronic soundscapes and I’m looking forward to hearing his new album.

03// Yoshinori Takezawa – Audio Leaf
I came across this track while listening to an online radio station, did a quick search and found his album on iTunes. I previewed 3 songs and bought it straight away. Still gets a regular listen when I’m in that kinda mood.

04// Depeche Mode – Sister Of Night
I’ve been a huge fan of DM since the mid 80’s. Ultra would be one of my favourite albums and I love Dave’s vocal on this one. Would love to see them get Tim Simenon back on production duties if they ever do another record.

05// Blonde Redhead – My Plants Are Dead
I was introduced to Blonde Redhead by a friend on the Cocteau Twins Forum, this is from their 2010 album ‘Penny Sparkle’. Kazu Makino’s vocals are painful yet angelic, they remind me so much of Cocteau’s. Great album all the same.

06// The Grid – Floatation [Subsonic Grid Mix]
I forgot about this track until I heard it again on Digweed’s Choice compilation back in 2005. It’s a balearic classic that still sounds great. Thought it was a nice transition out of the last track and into Martin’s.

07// Martin Dawson – Is This Goodbye
Without a doubt, Martin was one of my favourite house producers. As King Roc and one half of Two Armadillos, he gave me great inspiration when listening to his music. Sunday Smoking, What would ultimately be his last album sadly, is an absolute gem.

08// Doi-oing – Blue [Original Airport Mix]
I think probably anyone who’s old/wise enough to remember Sasha & Digweed’s NE 2 compilation will be familiar with this one. That mix from Dammerung into Blue and then into Little Bullet is for me one of the best transitions recorded to disc.

09// Sean Cusick & Medway – Columns Of Clouds
Taken from the Fiscal e.p. that came out on SAW Recordings in 2002. These two need to get back working together, The handful of releases they made together are brilliant, Columns of Clouds is for me the best work they produced.

10// Deep Piece – Bup Bup Biri Biri [Dead Calm Mix]
I think this was probably one of the first Limbo tracks I ever heard. In a dark, small club back in 1992 (at the tender age of 16, I know, what were my parents thinking) and this came on, it was like nothing I had heard before. I remember it like it was yesterday, it really has stood the test of time.

11// E-N – The Horn Ride [Ride The Lisbon Underground Mix]
Hard to believe this is almost 20 years old now. This is the stand out mix on it for me. As the track states, there’s a horn in it and it’s most definitely a ride.

12// Spooky – Little Bullet [Live Version]
I think everyone will remember where they where and who they shared that 6 mins and 57 secs of time with when they first heard this track. It’s as relevant today as it was 21 years ago. Their Gargantuan album is 10 tracks of timeless perfection. Charlie May would be my favourite producer and a constant inspiration. Just when you think you are doing it right, along comes one of Charlie’s remixes and then you realise…you’re not!

13// Orbital – Belfast
There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t play this at least once. I feel it’s the perfect ending to this mix, which has been a total self indulgence on my part. Hope you enjoy it :)