Decoded Sundays – Tommy Harrison

Manchester based Tommy Harrison is a man of many talents. DJ, producer and proud dad, his work covers many disparate music styles. But like a true musical champion, his ability to string such schizophrenic strands of sound together make him truly great DJ. His production world covers Dub, Techno and Ambient and thats partly whats on offer in this mix. This ones a journey folks so settle back and let Harrison soothes your troubles away!

“The genre of ‘Chill’ is one that I feel is open ended and user specific.” Says Tommy “That is a real positive in my mind. I believe it all depends on what you like doing when you finally put down the day and switch off. Chill out mixes, to me, do not mean easy listening or easy going music. It should be a soundtrack to your imagination, where you can close your eyes, dream, imagine other worlds, other lives, people and places you’ve not yet seen and journeys you’ve not yet experienced. This mix contains sounds, music and samples from my collection that enable me to do just that. It’s a journey. It will take you wherever you allow it.”

Tommy has prepared a special ‘directors commentary’ for this mix to read along as you listen.

Björn Rohde – Endlose Schleife (Infinite Loop Mix) [self released]
A soul calming prelude, beauty in sound. Time to close your eyes, takes some deep breaths, and let you mind wander.

Global Communication – 0:54
This track from their 1994 album is pure sample heaven, and a perfect intro to my mix. Imagine travelling across our planet, in 54 seconds, and picking up voices from all over it. Music IS global communication.

Deepchord – Warm
Another piece of ambient and sample gold from Dub Techno legend Rod Modell. Close your eyes, and imagine the streets, the people, the weather, and the conversations.

Deni Diezer – In Meters from the Ground
Keeping the Dub Techno at the forefront of the mix, Russia’s Deni Diezer’s track is just a snippet but it bridges the gap beautifully.

Fingers in the Noise – CTRL+N (part II)
Fingers in the Noise is a massive inspiration to me and I imagine many others. He has been a go to man for many years when I needed tips, advice, and tuition. Humble, insightful and a production genius.
(Within this track is a sample from Moodymann’s self titled LP)

Pobedia – Into the Space
Taken from ‘Journey to the Stars’ this track from the incredible Pobedia is pure space travel music. It sounds distant. Like, imagine a sound you can hardly hear as its so far away….but you can hear it in full clarity.

Burial – Night Bus
Field Sounds, atmosphere, moody, emotional. Perfect imagery as always from Burial.

Aardvark – Do Whop
Released on the solid Skudge Records, this track is primarily used to bring some beats to the forefront but in keeping with the idea that your imagination is somewhere else at this point.

Samiyam – This L
I was first introduced to Samiyam through the Flying Lotus channel. Pure sample and beat manipulation of the highest degree. I feel this track, like with many by him makes your mind wander to so many places in very little time. There is structure, but at the same time, it’s completely unshackled and free like a flowing river.

Yasiin Gaye – End Credits
I wanted to bring in some hip hop beats, jazz, soul. That feeling like somehow you have landed in a dark, smoky, basement bar. Feel the warmth of the sounds.

Madlib – Flowers (instrumental)
Continuing along the Jazzy hip hop vibes, Madlib is a real master of creating feelings through sounds. Along with the previous track and the Dilla track up next, this is your intermission, your moment in the middle of your journey. Let you feet drop loose, and smile.

Jay Dee – One Little Indian (instrumental)
Pure beat magic from the greatest to ever do it. RIP James Dewitt Yancey.

Om Unit – Back at Plastic
Keeping the beats flowing with this incredibly powerful track from Om Unit. Perfect build, perfect execution. Lightening the mix, but keeping the imagery flowing.

Lone – Jaded
After the pulsating Om Unit track, it is always good to take that energy and sling shot you into the sky. Lone has a habit of doing just that. I highly recommend the whole album, it’s one of those that you can play from start to finish without moving. Lone is another fan of the samples, street recordings, atmosphere generators.

Lowtec – B2
Ok, so after a good innings of colourful beats, sounds, and ground level music, I wanted to take the mix through the concrete and asphalt. Time to drop deeper and deeper underground, whilst keeping a futuristic ambience.
(Within this track is a sample from Bladerunner)

Special Request – Capsules (Lee Gamble remix)
Sounds. Unpolluted, direct, atmospheric sounds. The bass is so pure it belongs to itself.
(Within this track is a sample from Fight Club)

Kode9 & The Spaceape – Sine
Following from Special Request, I had to include a record from a pure pioneer of that futuristic sound. Kode9 is genre-less. He creates. That is it, that is enough. Add the poetic Spaceape, and you have a sheer dub mind bender. Heart beat bassline a plenty.

James Blake – Order
Keeping the futuristic sounds going, and to keep the mind wandering. James Blake makes his own soundtrack. This track is sublime, there is something about it that blows my mind.

Dr Tirric – Falling Sky
Quickly out of James Blake and into this incredible track from Manchester’s Tom Nield as Dr Tirric. This is ‘plateau’ music. Whatever journey you’ve been on, whatever energy you’ve gathered, this is where it feels best. Dub infused, full of trippy spaced samples. Beautiful.

DJ Rum – On the Road
I wanted to include a DJ Rum track as he is another big inspiration. I feel he’s very under stated, and in a way, I love that. Not many artists have a discography where I would quite happily play all tracks. Not one of his productions stands out about the others. They are all just amazing. Really feeling that UK sounds with this track. Probably what I would class as Dubstep. Musically incredible and just gorgeous.

Aphex Twin – I
Another artist that is responsible for creating sounds, atmospheres, energies. Used here to add something special as the mix transcends.

Gapfield – Starlit Shore // Vytis – Whirlpool // Giriu Dvasios – Is Leto
Dub Techno and ambient music is, and always will be my first choice when creating atmospheres, soundscapes and feelings through sound. Subtle changes in sound like small changes in the wind. The power in these three tracks to enable your mind to create a world unknown is amazing. The production that goes into creating this is off the chart.
This music sounds like it is being played 50 miles away on a system that is 400ft tall and from the future. Perfect.

Vangelis – Spotkanie Z Matka
I wanted to include a Vangelis track because if anyone was the main person for creating stories, images, atmospheres and thoughts through sound, it is him. You could easily listen to the Bladerunner soundtrack, and experience the movie in your mind. I love that so much!
(within is another sample from that great movie)

Space Dimension Controller – Petrichor
“You’re talking about memories”

Thank you for listening