Decoded Sundays – TR20

TR20 are men with beards. Powerful men, who use computers and synthesisers to move dance floors. Their obsession started inexplicably one day when dance music crawled across the misty moors during a mushroom trip, opened the barn doors and slipped them a pill. From that day forward they were firm friends, and shared many sweaty hugs in dimly lit warehouses and fields the length and breadth of the country.

In between bouts of Captain Morgan rum and listening to the dread pirate Roberts and some bloke called Sasha, TR20 was born. But they didn’t immediately set about making music… A few years were spent marauding around the various coastlines of the world. And after a final long spell at sea, they returned to shore and found a 4/4 scene that was refreshed and rejuvenated. While still having many of the qualities of her younger self, dance music gathered them up and pressed them into her ample bosom, the pair rejoiced her loving embrace and felt connected and loved. Then she poured the rum in their gaping mouths and they’ve never looked back.

Eager to push things forward, TR20 decided to start a label – Kyubu, and with artists including Barry Jamieson, Che Armstrong, MUUI and Quivver joining them, they have exploded from the gates. For them, the music industry as they knew it was broken beyond repair. They harked back to a time when it used to at least support a certain amount of artists financially and allowed them to produce their art. But they found that nowadays that’s not true. So many talented artists out there no longer have the ability to put food on the table by making music. So with the label, TR20 are trying to support their artists, and figure out a sustainable new model to this game.

The future is bright for our two bearded adventurers, and fortune favours those who take a chance!

Fresh from their debut album release – Mini, this mix the guys have put together encompasses their love of all things electronic. There are many hidden treasures and a few new things, but the overall theme is melodic and musical.

01// Autechre – Drane
02// Tim Hecker – The Piano
03// Salt Tank – Sargasso Sea
04// The Field – Cupids Head (Gas Mix)
05// FSOL – A Study Of Six Guitars
06// Carl Craig – At Les
07// Burial & Four Tet – Wolf Club
08// Demdike Stare – Repository Of Light
09// Withakay – Kanada (Synthapella edit)
10// Withakay – Sword Of Damocles
11// Barry Jamieson – 303’s In Love (Mono Electric Orchestra Ambient mix)
12// Slam – Cirklon Bells

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