Dekmantel announces Awanto 3 album ‘Gargamel’

Amsterdam’s cult producer and DJ Steven van Hulle a.k.a. Awanto 3 returns to Dekmantel Records delivering his second full-length album Gargamel, which drops on April 11 and is arguably his most compelling piece of work to date.

Spread over the course of nine tracks, van Hulle shows he’s capable of serving up many different styles and genres in his ever-expanding arsenal. The MPC Wizard and Rednose Districkt affiliate kicks off his new album with friend and co-producer Darling. ‘Azrael’ builds over shuffling, infectious rhythms, a cluster of vocal stabs and heartfelt keys. ‘This Is When We Met’, ‘Why Don’t You’ and ‘Gargamelancholia’ are – on the other hand – aggressive and batty-jackin peak-time tracks embracing classic acid aesthetics, whilst ‘Positive Negative’ is a stretched-out house jam incorporating the tussle of wonky boogie and tribal bumps.

Gargamel continuous with the low tempo track ‘Hooli Goose’, taking slow release hypnosis turns while making a marching band sound cool. The dry drum machines, melted bass and schizo sounds of ‘Ride The Dragon’ will appeal to the freaks, and the dreamy ‘Happy Bird’ is a tripped-out set of ambient and lo-fi themes. Last but not least, Dexter enters the stage to do what he does best with ‘Think’: showing who’s boss of the 808 with a straight-up electro essential. Altogether, Van Hulle keeps surprising and yet again proves why Dekmantel has been admiring him from the very start.

A1. Azrael (with Darling)
A2. Positive Negative
B1. This Is When We Met
B2. Hooli Goose
C1. Why Don’t You
C2. Ride The Dragon
D1. Thick (with Dexter)
D2. Happy Bird
D3. Gargamelancholia

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