Dekmantel and Grolsch present Selectors Video 2017: Call Super

Dekmantel and Grolsch present the second installment in the Selectors documentary series, starring DJ and producer extraordinaire Call Super. Having just announced his second album, the UK-born but Berlin based Dekmantel-friend Joe Seaton is one of the most respected figures in contemporary underground dance music. After playing sets at the Selectors stage at Dekmantel Festival and the Croation Selectors Festival, the series follows Call Super in his hometown Berlin and in his family house in Spain talking with his father, partner, and DJ friends Objekt, Shanti Celeste, and Palms Trax.

Since Call Super did a Dekmantel Podcast for the Amsterdam crew, the two got befriended with an EP on the label and countless Dekmantel-sets as a result. Call Super is an outspoken character without judging anyone. “I always had a connection to music that, if it was going to be my own, it had to be my own. I didn’t want it to be like this person whose record I loved or whatever.” His peers find him extremely articulate and confident and credit his DJ skills very highly. Palms Trax eventually calls out, “any time you’re DJ’ing around Joe, you end up thinking: ‘Okay, go home and practice. Like, a lot, now.’‘ From early on Seaton felt inspired to make music or to make pictures and paintings because “I wanted to express myself. When you’re just really curious about the world there’s so much that you like. And I think, that’s the best way to live.

Selectors documentary series

Every country and every city has its musical heroes – locals who live for music and spend most of their time behind the turntables or in the record store, always digging for that one special record to complete their five-star collection. All energy is invested in their craft that is DJ’ing and sharing the music they have found. These exceptional and passionate DJs have set an example in their communities, inspiring many to dig deeper and share in their love of music. They turn left where others go right. Dekmantel and Grolsch are inspired to take on the challenge of telling their stories in the Selectors documentary series.

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