Dekmantel and Patta announce 2017 collection

This year’s Dekmantel x Patta Collection consists of five pieces: a tracksuit, a hoodie, a waist bag, a cap and a bandana, with the last one being designed by Young Marco. The exclusive items feature various graphic prints and co-branding from both parties. For this year’s collection video, Dekmantel and Patta worked hand-in-hand with top-notch director Bear Damen, who has collaborated with artists like Jacco Gardner and Sofie Winterson within his previous work. The film is about two dimensions monitoring each other, and a transition between them.

Furthermore, Dekmantel brings two new debuts on board: the ever mysterious and cracking talent Self-Egg and Patta’s longtime friend GE-OLOGY. First up in the series is Self- Egg’s contribution, that touches upon the styles of such classic music as Drexciya, whilst bringing the music to a yet, modern styling. The new, and yet reclusive, electro-styled wunderkind from Rotterdam brings very little in regards to identity, but more than enough in musical propensity. Having met with Dutch, electronic-jazz, wonderstar producer Jameszoo – with whom he collaborated on the track ‘Blind’ – Self Egg was then referred to the Dekmantel team, who subsequently went on to sign the debut four-tracker.

On the 8th collab EP it’s GE-OLOGY debuting, who takes his panoptic style beyond what we currently know. ‘Dance in Retrograde’ stomps old-school house music traits, with 808- kicks, and a spiritual foray into a soulful, cosmic trance. On the flipside, ‘Re-Fingered with Love’ is a solid deep-burner with a sensual piano hook, and serves as a cover of the Salsoul disco-classic ‘Thousand Finger Man’ by the legendary Cuban percussionist, Candido. “My version is actually not an edit at all; it’s a cover that’s actually not a direct cover either, but was mainly inspired by the original version. Normally I wouldn’t touch a song like this because it’s already perfect as it is. I just happened to be inspired one day to try some things that came to mind, and over time, it developed.”

The vinyl releases will be an exclusive gift when one buys a tracksuit. Please note that all items will be available on the Dekmantel and Patta webshop, at the Patta store and the Red Light Radio x Dekmantel store in Amsterdam and during Dekmantel Festival 2017.


Release Schedule
Nylon Tracksuit + Hooded Sweater + Dual Logo Sports Waist Bag + Dual Logo Running Cap + Bandana + DKMNTL x PATTA 07/08

A1. Self-Egg – Cold Short
A2. Self-Egg – Blind
B1. Self-Egg – Pace
B2. Self-Egg – Dose

A1. GE-OLOGY – Dance In Retrograde
B1. GE-OLOGY – Re-Fingered With Love

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Dekmantel Festival 2017

Amsterdamse Bos/Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ/Tolhuistuin/Shelter/EYE Film Institute/Bimhuis/Radion,
Amsterdam, 4/5/6/7 August 2017

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