Denney and Hipp-e pick out their favourite West Coast House tracks to mark the release of their tracks on Hot Creations

Northern star Denney returns to Hot Creations with his West Coast Revival EP – a full power nod to the early days of his career, inviting Liverpool’s latest export Melé and Denver tech-house pioneer Hipp-e to provide the remixes.

Denney ’s West Coast Revival is a testament to the talented producer’s love of old West Coast records. “I used to play this sound when I first started DJing in clubs in the early 00s”. Tracks produced by “Joeski, Onionz, H-Foundation, Tony Hewitt and DJ Buck”. The original cut of the track is Denney’s take on that era, underpinned by a low-slung, rolling bassline, a sultry sax solo, beckoning male vocal hook and abundant percussion.

Club Bad founder Melé makes his first appearance on the label with his remix. Heavy on the percussion, he creates a tribal ambience with a deep and driving bass that pushes it into peaktime party territory. With almost three decades in the business, Hipp-e is widely regarded as being one of the pioneers of the West Coast scene. He co-founded H-Foundation, which held a residency at fabric for eight years. His version steers the track into darker territory, creating an insatiable late-night aesthetic.

2018 was a huge year for James Denney, aka Denney. He produced a slew of releases for top imprints including Saved Records, Relief, Knee Deep In Sound, Moon Harbour and Pete Tong’s FFRR. His skills as a DJ have seen him tour globally taking in Brazil, Argentina and Australia as well as Europe and North America, where he held down a residency at Miami’s infamous Heart. He has also been a regular figure in Ibiza at DC10 and Amnesia. In 2019, Denney’s pace shows no sign of slipping with plenty of releases in the pipeline as well as plans to launch a series of events in his hometown of Middlesborough and his own label.

A1 West Coast Revival
B1 West Coast Revival (Melé Remix)
B2 West Coast Revival (Hipp-e Remix)

West Coast Revival is out now on Hot Creations.

After speaking with Denney and Hipp-e they kindly put together a tracklist of their favourite West Coast tracks for you to check out…

Denney’s top picks:

DJ Buck – West Coast Movement (Leaf Recordings)

DJ Buck is someone who didn’t make that many records but the ones he did are absolutely killer, I used to hammer this back when I first started DJing out at 17. It’s from 1997 but still sounds amazing today! I also especially love two others he made in the early 00’s called “Make It Hot” and “Release The Tension”.

Joeski – Come On (Siesta Music)

Even though he’s actually from NYC Joeski has been one of my favourite producers since the very beginning and Siesta Music is probably in my top 3 labels ever, they put so many great records out and it was hard to pick one but this is one that never left my record bag for years, the whole catalogue is fucking amazing.

Chris Lum – Big Tool (Tango Recordings)

Chris Lum is someone who used to do absolutely wicked grooves, I dug this record out again recently and it sounds so punchy on a big system. The label Tango is another one that I used to just walk into a record shop and buy without listening as they were always quality.

Silicone Soul – Chic-O-Laa [H-Foundation Remix] (Soma)

H-Foundation are producers who I have always loved and recently I have become good friends with Hipp-E and we are actually working on an EP together which is a great honour for me. This track/remix is for me their finest hour, its a track thats been in my box for nearly 20 years now and still does damage…I love it!

Elektrik Soul Brothers – 6400 Crew Theme (Tango Recordings)

Another track that came out on Tango but i couldn’t do this list without including Onionz and Master D who were both massively influential in this period. They individually made so many great records it was hard to pick one but they came together as 6400 crew which later went on to include Joeski.

Hipp-e’s top picks:
My west coast Influence and history runs deep, being from Colorado my first west coast experience is San Francisco circa 93
At that time there was a “west coast” sound but not really from artists from the west coast. The DJ’s pushed the sound, it was guys like Jeno, Markie, Garth and Thomas known as the “wicked” crew as well as DJ Spun, Tony Hewitt, it was Doc Martin, DJ Dan, and Steve Loria out of LA, they influenced me more than any one song. Here are my strongest references to what would influence me to produce and what paved the way musically for what would become the West coast sound!

Bobby Konders Nervous Acid- Nu Groove

This song would tear the place down, one of the first drum roll acid builders and you can play to this day and rock a dancefloor!

Sheila – Acid KISS- Quark

At the time when I used to play this track it was a rare gem record that not everyone had and was a serious weapon in the arsenal!

Lil Louis – Jupiter – diamond records

Aciiiid at its finest, this track inspired me so much as well as any Lil Louis tracks!! Instant classic and can be played and wreck any party today!

One dove- Transient truth (Sabre’s of paradise old toys dub)

This was another rare find back in the day and if you had it you covered the label so trainspotters couldn’t see what it was! Pure class delivered by Andy Weatherall! A hero of mine

Pacha One KISS (FOS One Remix)

For the late night rollers! This track still is super loved up!

As I said it’s kinda funny cause most of these are from the UK! But this was a sound that inspired all the guys that would go on to produce the “West Coast Sound”.

Thanks to Denney and Hipp-e for their track selections.

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