“Solid Grooves! Ahh we are like a big family, we always have lots of fun. Last year at Privilege was huge but I think this year at Benimussa will be even better, love this venue” – Dennis Cruz

Dennis Cruz is one of the pillars of the underground house and tech community. At 17 years old Dennis started DJing whilst also studying to be a sound engineer. In his 20s, he had already worked with several hiphop artists and rock bands in the studio with their production. As a DJ and producer he is truly setting trends with his fresh sounds and, off the back of his busiest year yet, he has plenty more in store for the world for the rest of in 2017.

The Spaniard is never far away from the top of the charts thanks to his high rate of release on labels like Snatch!, Solid Grooves, Suara, Lemon-Aid and Suruba X amongst many others. For his work he has picked up many awards and nominations from being Beatport’s 3rd Best Tech House Artist to Resident Advisor’s 2nd Most Charted Artist of 2016. He has had many Number 1s on Beatport and is currently top of the overall Tech House Chart. Always serving up dancing dynamite, it is no wonder he has found favour with big hitters like Jamie Jones and Joseph Capriati, Roger Sanchez and Marco Carola, all of whom reach for his tunes when they need to make an impact.

In 2015 Dennis was nominated Best Tech-House DJ and Best Spanish Artist at the Vicious Music Awards, and more recently in 2016 Dennis held 4 nominations, Best Tech-House DJ, Best Spanish Artist, Best Producer and Best DJ from Vicious. As a DJ, too, Dennis always plots exciting musical journeys that make people feel real emotions as they dance the night away. He has woven together his wide musical influences and slick mix of styles all over Europe from Greece to the UK, across North and South America, Russia and all over Australia.

Nice to meet you Dennis and thanks for speaking to us here at Decoded. Well you have had an amazing 2016 with many releases flying high in the Beatport charts and receiving the accolades of being Beatport’s 3rd best tech house artist and the 2nd most charted artist for Resident Advisor. That is a massive achievement and I expect you have an eye on number 1 spot this year?

2016 was an amazing year, I think is difficult to repeat that again this year I’m releasing less music, I have more gigs and also there are lot of artist that are making really good music.

Solid Grooves with whom you were resident last year at Privilege’s Vista Club are back in the form of Groovers In The Park at Benimussa Park. We see there are 3 dates and you will be playing at the events on 6th July and August 31st. Can you tell us a little bit more about these events?

Solid Grooves! Ahh we are like a big family, we always have lots of fun. Last year at Privilege was huge but I think this year at Benimussa will be even better, love this venue. It is day time and open air party so the vibe will be amazing.

The events will see you play alongside some stalwarts such as Riva Starr, Huxley and Hector Couto to name a few. At the event on August 31st the line-up says there is a secret guest, can you give is any clues as to who this is without giving it away?

This is still a secret for me but I’m sure it won’t disappoint, we all have to wait a little bit more.

It is understood that Benimussa Park was once a zoo. Do you see these events as being friendly competition with Zoo Project? Will you be wearing any zoo-like attire at the event?

Yes it was a zoo in the past – I don’t think we are competition with Zoo Project, it is a different day and different concept.

Once the dust has settled on Thursdays event in Ibiza you jet off to the UK to play The Ministry Of Sound. Is this your first time at the club?

Yes is my first time at Ministry of Sound, I’m really looking forward to playing this Saturday as it is one of this clubs I always wanted to play.

You will also be playing Defected Croatia on 11th August. Do you think Croatia’s rapidly growing scene, especially festivals will soon be a serious alternative summer party destination to Ibiza?

Well I’m now answering these questions in Dubrovnik Croatia and I play tonight at Revelin Club. Croatia is growing fast and I think it can be a good alternative to Ibiza.

Moving on to your music productions, your release a few months ago on Stereo Productions titled ‘MAD’ was a big hit. Where was the sample taken from?

I’m really surprised about the success of this track, I didn’t expect it. The sample is taken from the movie Network 1976. One of my best mates Raziel showed me this sample and it fits perfect in the beat.

How is your release schedule looking for the rest of the summer?

During the summer there will be two remixes out, one for Claptone and one for my lads Tube & Berger.

Who have been the most exciting producers you have collaborated with in terms of enthusiasm and creativity and could you share any stories?

Riva Starr, he is an amazing artist and is a good friend. I really appreciate his support.

Are there any producers you would like to collaborate with and why?

I would love to collaborate with Green Velvet! I think it could be a bomb track; I have played lots of his tracks in my sets.

As a budding producer myself, I always find it interesting to ask this to established DJ’s and producers. Can you think of a time when it changed massively for you from being a relative unknown producer and DJ on the fringes to getting lots of interest and getting plenty of bookings?

It was so hard to grow at. I never thought I could be playing in all these parties and this huge support of my music. It was just working hard and step by step I grew.

To the up and coming producers out there what would be your best advice for them besides the obvious ones of working hard to perfect your sound and networking?

I think the best advice I can give is keep working and believe in yourself. If you want something, work hard and you’ll get it.

Thanks for talking to us, we hope you have a blast on Thursday at Groovers In The Park and we hope you have an even better year than the last.

Thank you was a pleasure, hope to see you this summer in Ibiza!

Dennis Cruz’s latest release Claptone – The Drums (Dennis Cruz Remix) is released July 10th

About the Author

George is a house music producer & DJ, touching on Progressive and Techno. He is signed to Pro B Tech Managements artist’s roster and has released music on labels including Pro B Tech, B-Tech Noir, ICONYC, Plethora, Clinique and more. His DJ sets and productions are atmospheric, melodic and sometimes groovy. George has played the piano from a young age and has since moved on to electronic music, digital and analog synth’s and DJing using many formats including vinyl, CDJs, Traktor & Ableton.