Detroit Techno originator Juan Atkins revives Cybotron after 28-year hiatus

In a monumental revival that bridges the past and future of electronic music, visionary artist Juan Atkins, the pioneer behind Detroit Techno, has revitalized the legendary act Cybotron following a 28-year hiatus. Their highly anticipated EP, titled “Maintain The Golden Ratio,” is set to release on October 13, under the esteemed Tresor label. 

Cybotron was conceived by a young and ingenious Juan Atkins and Vietnam war veteran Rik Davis cracking the code to revolutionize electronic music. Blending philosophy, science fiction, and mechanical engineering, they transformed Cybotron into a groundbreaking home studio performance instrument that reshaped the landscape of independently produced electronic music. 

Coined by Atkins, the term “techno” encapsulated Cybotron’s innovative and futuristic funkadelic sound. This genre blueprint spread rapidly across the Detroit-Berlin Axis, from Metroplex to the iconic Tresor vault, becoming the catalyst for the global spread of the techno movement. As the world underwent seismic shifts, from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the shift into an information-based economy, Cybotron’s sonic ingenuity facilitated a symbiotic fusion of humanity and technology, subverting traditional roles of singers, songwriters, and producers.

The impact of Cybotron’s pioneering work echoed through time, with their chart-topping single “Clear” becoming a well of inspiration for future generations. The Grammy-winning “Lose Control” by Missy Elliot in 2005 and T.I. and Rico Love’s “Lay Me Down” in 2010 both sampled the unforgettable essence of “Clear.”

In today’s era of cyberculture and meta-expression, Cybotron resurfaces to embody the very core of techno. Juan Atkins’ revitalization of Cybotron showcases a profound grasp of techno’s origins and its evolving potential. This transformative update resurrects his initial vision of DIY electronically reengineered music, etched onto the grooves of a 12″ vinyl, poised to imprint the neural pathways of eager minds. The return of Cybotron pays homage to its pioneering legacy and affirms the lasting impact of Detroit Techno. 

Cybotron played a pioneering yet pivotal role in shaping the early sounds of techno and electro-funk since the early 1980s. Their innovative fusion of electronic rhythms, synthesized melodies, and futuristic themes laid the foundation for the techno genre, leaving a profound influence on generations of electronic musicians. 

Tresor Records, an iconic Berlin-based record label, is renowned for its central role in shaping the global techno and electronic music scene since 1991. Revered for its legendary club and event space, Tresor continues to embody electronic music culture, pushing boundaries and nurturing creativity.

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