Devialet announces update of its Phantom Speaker

When Devialet introduced its Phantom Bluetooth speaker to the world back in 2015 it was met with very high praise for its stunning looking design aesthetic and superb audio quality.

Let’s just say the audio world has been awaiting an update to the Phantom for a few years now and the news of that very update has now landed. Meet the Phantom I, the newest flagship Devialet Bluetooth speaker. Like its predecessor, it comes with a sleek, beautifully designed outer case. Once you start to dig a little deeper, you’ll find that the speaker has had a serious overhaul. The Phantom I features Devialet’s next-generation audio chip which provides lightning-fast signal processing as well as improved amplification. It has also been fitted with a more efficient thermal dissipation unit, allowing it to be four times more efficient than the first Phantom.

The Phantom I is available in 103dB and 108dB options with prices starting at $2,200 and $3,200 respectively. You can find out more about Phantom I and purchase here.

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