There’s a Disco Techno Revolution over at Moon Harbour!

Artist: Luca Donzelli and Mar-T
Title: Disco Techno Revolution EP
Label: Moon Harbour
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Tech House

Luca Donzelli and Amnesia’s own Mar-T team up again to bring us a 4 track EP on Moon Harbour that gets the Tech House taste buds tingling. Previous collaborations between the two have seen them achieve chart success on Beatport on numerous occasions, including their funky beast ‘Modelchord’.

‘Disco Techno Revolution’ takes us on a journey of pure motion. The short transients of the percussion stab through, playing compliment to the thick, booming kick drum and rolling tambourines. Glistening synths with a modulated cutoff keep things lively and interesting while the occasional pitched down vocal keeps things as techy as they can be.

The deeper underlying feel of ‘Mama Loves You’ flirts with our internal swing. The enticing vocal adds a captivating element to the warm and punchy low end which I thoroughly enjoyed. The sweetly crafted sounds of ‘That Freaky Stuff’ certainly make quick work of making things very freaky indeed. Huge saw waves take us by surprise, accompanied with all the necessary parts needed to pack out the dancefloor.

‘Hankel Heisen’ takes its inspiration from a variety of early, vintage House. The sounds of legendary drum machines and mythical sequencer basslines work well with the uniquely designed synth lines. All 4 tracks fit in perfectly with the feeling Luca and Mar-T set out to achieve.You can hear their experience and collective knowledge through each layer. These are 4 records I will certainly be playing out!

About the Author

As a producer himself, signed to some of the UK’s top Techno & Tech House labels, including Baroque, Under No Illusion and Pro-B-Tech, Danny, better known as Ferher is no stranger to the underground. He has DJ’d at some of the best venues in the UK and is eager to share his passion for house music with everyone.