World Premiere from DJ Emerson’s new LP – Repetative Music with Micro.Fon

DJ Emerson is a name synonymous with blistering Berlin techno. His productions have consistently caused waves across the underground techno scene, and have been doing so since his first EP, ‘Etonic’, back in 2002, which he dropped on his own imprint.

His latest offering, Repetitive Music, due to be released on Micro.Fon in November, serves to further bolster his reputation as a well-respected producer, and despite the ‘Repetitive’ element of the title, the record is far from boring. If you’re looking for something dark, dystopian, and almost primal, then you’ve come to the right place. ‘Repetitive Music’ starts off with an intro track, which sets the scene perfectly as one would expect.

Towering waves of static crash down over you as you take your first foray into a cybernetic environment. This takes us straight into Manuka, which furthers the apocalyptic illusion. This theme continues throughout the album. Baba, the third track, has an almost organic feel. The pulsing bassline throbs away like some sort of industrial human hybrid heartbeat, with pistons hissing, as steam and oil keep the sentient beast moving ever closer.

‘Bounce Back’ is a full on neuro-hammer, which segues perfectly into ‘Anonymous’, which (unintentionally or not) conjures images of a futuristic hacker flying through the digital ether, with a mysterious enforcer in hot pursuit. There’s plenty of dark ambience to be had on the album, too. Tracks like ‘String Theory’ and ‘Nola’ both rely heavily on the pads to create a sense of foreboding, and do so to wonderful effect.

What DJ Emerson has achieved is the sense that his album is anecdotal – he is unfurling a narrative through his productions. The album takes you by the hand and leads you down endless dial-up connections and satellite link-ups, scooping up feedback and electronic chatter along the way. Unlike most techno albums, which usually feature three or four singles and then eight or nine ‘plumpers’,‘Repetitive Music’ is definitely a case of all killer no filler.

01. Intro
02. Manuka
03. Baba
04. Lava
05. Bounce Back
06. Anonymous
07. Skyhigh feat Circuit Breaker
08. Call It What You Want (Album Dub)
09. String Theory
10. No Work Today
11. Nola
12. Outro

About the Author

My foray into dance music started at 21 years of age (I was a late bloomer). At this time I was attending Liverpool dance events such as Voodoo, T-Funkshun and Chibuku. From the second I witnessed Surgeon’s blistering techno assault, I was hooked. Since then I haven’t looked back, and have made it my own personal mission to expand my knowledge of electronic music, sorting the wheat from the chaff, avoiding cake-throwing megalomaniacs and those who rely on pyrotechnics to sell their shows. 15 years of following techno means I like it hard – think Drumcode on steroids and you’re halfway there.