Dmitry Molosh – Belarus has a difficult club culture and sometimes it seems to me that it’s nonexistent

Belarus has quite an extensive history with techno and house music. The various waves of talent to bust out of the city have produced several artists that are beginning to push the tempo in the dance music world. The common thread: all are masters of form and function. East European dance music does work on the mind and the body in equal measure; this requires true artistry to pull on the heartstrings while moving everything else in rhythm. One of the most recent additions to this great legacy comes in the form of Dmitry Molosh.

His distinctive sound has catapulted him into the forefront of club music with futuristic production techniques and an enviable amount of remix work for the best in the business. Writer Priya Sen met up with Dmitry to find out about the man that casts a spell on you with his hypnotic musicality.

Hi Dmitry, thank you for taking time out to chat with us at Decoded. It seems releases from the Molosh stables are hitting us thick and fast, whether it be with original works or by way of remixes and that gig schedule, how’s this surge feeling in your career and do you apply any kind of method to all this music madness?

Hi Priya. In fact, there are no secrets; I just have a certain taste in music, so I try to keep that close to me. What do I do to my music? My answer – I put my soul in it.

Your work has released on prolific labels such as Replug, Armada, Sound Avenue, Particles to name some. Having said that do you ever fashion your productions to suit the sensibilities of certain labels?

Sometimes I have to, but I do stick to my style, any which way. The labels I have come to work with, one way or another are close in style, and know my sound, so cardinally it is not necessary to change and or adapt to.

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Any early influences when you were starting out and artists that you admire?

There was a time when I was just an ordinary listener; I never thought that I’ll start to write music without any musical education. In fact, in my youth, I used to listen to popular stuff of that time like Electro, but it didn’t create any lasting impression. Artists such as John Digweed, Sasha and Guy J forced me to rethink my musical tastes and since then I have listened and followed quality music.

There are loads of good and talented artists currently and of course it is very pleasing. Here I do want to single out my friend Michael A, a very talented guy and musician who I believe does not need an introduction. He works really hard and appreciated by many masters. I have a lot of favourite producers whose tracks are always presented in my sets. Artists of the likes of Khen, Guy J, Black 8, Stas Drive, Juan Deminicis, Cid Inc, Brian Cid, Chicola, Jos & Elli and really this list can go on forever.

Can you give us an insight into the Belarus club scene and how you managed to connect to the dance music world, what made you decide that this is what you want to do?

Unfortunately, Belarus has a difficult club culture and sometimes it seems to me that it’s nonexistent. Until about 4 years ago the situation was completely different. Now, there are some promoters who organise parties, and it’s only because they somehow support club culture in my country that there is some kind of movement. Not everyone can afford to bring expensive artists; we all know what the current situation in the financial world is, but I’m sure that in some time everything will work out for the better.

The decision to join the music world was an early dream I had through my childhood: think I was 14 then and still in school, and one day the whole class went to a nightclub, where pupils at the time conducted a New Year’s disco celebration. I will never forget the moment I looked up to where the DJ was, and at that moment I said to myself, in a few years I want to be in his place. Turns out years later, I started working in a night club but not for long as my musical tastes did not coincide with the club’s policies. That’s how the story goes.

I wanted to contribute to music from very young, I loved to listen to different trends, watch after movies from various festivals, it really inspired me, and sooner than later it happened. I found my place in this big world that’s not for everyone and I’m happy to continue to please listeners that enjoy quality music.

Tell us about your impending remix work for Black 8, coming up on Nick Warren’s Hope Recordings. Happy with the way the track is sounding?

It’s an excellent track by Black 8 and one of my favourites. I received an email from Nick with the proposal to remix for his label Hope Recordings. Despite the fact that at that time I was very busy with other projects, after hearing the track I put all my things away and went to work on the remix.

Yes, I am satisfied with my version, I gave the track more of my sound, made denser drums, where in turn I couldn’t use the incredible melody of the original track but it’s more me. I’m sure the real connoisseurs will appreciate this electronic sound. The release date is 17 June.

What’s exciting you in machines; can you run us through your studio set up?

If you see my studio you’d be very surprised. There isn’t very much thats special about it. 2 close Mackie monitors, Native Instrument soundcard, M-Audio MIDI Keyboard, and a MiniLab Arturia. In fact, I sometimes think that this is the most budget-conscious studio in the world, and many people are really taken aback as to how I manage to write these tracks with such minimal equipment. But I am going to upgrade my studio soon and buy some very important devices.

Share your thoughts about the radio show you host – Sound Wisdom on Proton Radio. What kind of vibe do you like to set in these mixes?

Sound Wisdom is a show through which I try to convey to its audience the depth of what the title truly means and the soul. I think every track has a soul. I always advise everyone to listen to the show in its entirety, each track gives the immersive feel and to experience all the beauty of the release. I am very glad to have this radio show on Proton Radio and notice that with each episode the number of listeners is growing and I am very happy with this statistic. The 13th episode airs June 23rd. I complete one year on June 25th. Don’t miss! That will be a special episode.

Which is your favourite club that you’ve gone and played at in recent times?

I can’t boast of any great experience in performances abroad, but I confess, I should show myself to the world more. I went to Budapest in March this year and was very impressed with Kasino (Sinema Hall), it was an incredible atmosphere, a great crowd and I felt an incredible emotion when I played in that country.

I remember last year, where I had a chance to play at Bloque Festival in Greece. It was my debut performance abroad and I have only warm memories from the gig. But I want to say that every city, and every country in which I’ve played, I’d very much like to go back with repeat performances.

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Where all are you slated to play in the next couple of months and have you ever considered moving from your base to other parts of Europe that may bring you a newer audience?

Certainly, I can see it on my page on Facebook, how my audience and fans are growing. I get a huge number of messages from all over the globe, asking to speak to them about my performance in their country. I am very pleased and I hope that I get to visit these countries.

I’m booked to play at Amsterdam Club Lounge Gallery soon and 17th July I play Sri Lanka at the Palm Beach Hotel; really looking forward to that one, and some other dates coming up which need confirmation.

Do you plan your set before a gig, or do you just pick and choose according to the vibe of the club at that point in time?

I am pretty confident that the audience in the club comes to hear my signature sound. I try to build a picture and journey and keep an eye on how the audience is reacting to the music I’m playing. Sometimes I do adjust, only if necessary. But I’m very happy with how the crowd receives my music and have been comfortable with the fact that they know and get what I’m doing, wonderfully.

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Lastly, what projects are you working on at the moment, with which labels?

Currently, I am completely devoted to my own sound. This year, I complete stuff with my good friend Stas Drive and hope you will be pleasantly surprised. Also, another close friend Michael A. and I are collaborating and want to say that for all the fans of our work together should be pleased.

As for the labels, I cannot say much right now, but will share the good news soon. Having said all that, I am ready to release on Sudbeat Music, which is steered by the legend Hernan Cattaneo, and I think it should come out this year.

01// Radiohead – Day Dreaming (Stereo Underground Remake)
02// Ryan Davis – Brun (Matthias Meyer Remix)
03// Antrim – Lost In Space (Tommi Oskari Remix)
04// Cornucopia – The Day You Got Older and Stronger
05// Lonya & Mz Sunday Luv – Judgement Day (Madloch Remix)
06// ID – ID
07// ID – ID
08// Black 8 – Before The Rising Dawn (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
09// Lanvary – Micromegas (Matter’s Chasing Rainbows Remix)
10// Andres W – Myst (Ziger Remix)
11// Juan Deminicis – Scape

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.