Doc Martin and Joeski join forces once again for the latest release on Lapsus Music

Artist: Doc Martin & Joeski, Doc Martin & JTJ Feat. Lillia
Title: Presence In The Air / Let The Music Play
Label: Lapsus Music
Release: Out now!
Genre: House

What always enhances the expectation even more than usual when hearing a new release, is when two known artists get together for a collaboration. Personally, I believe it is a great way to challenge one’s own creative flow, get new input and maybe even discover new sides of one’s self. Known to most, US-based Doc Martin is considered a pioneer in the circles he moves. Having been in the scene for quite some time the experienced DJ and producer is especially valued for his skills and commitment to always merge old and new, using a wide range of musical genres and sounds to skillfully craft his very own style.

For the first track of the release, he has teamed up with Joeski. Also not what you would call a newbie in the scene, Joeski has made a name for himself through his constant output of catchy music usually moving between Tech House and Techno. They are not new to the idea of working together as they already had an EP together on Poker Flat in January. However, the newest track is moving away from the kind of deep house pop attitude that characterized their first project, and more towards a tighter drum and an energy-focused sound with a dirty groove.

The second track ‘Let The Music Play’ is a joint production by Doc Martin and JTJ featuring the skilled vocalist Lillia. It’s dark, it’s heavy and it’s bass loaded. A great match for anyone with a big enthusiasm for a strong stand out bassline. Supernova decided to join in the fun and round up the release with their remix of ‘Let The Music Play’. As the bosses of the label, Supernova aka Emiliano and Giacomo really embody the sound of Lapsus Music and it really shines through when listening to the remix. A classic house chord surrounds the upbeat vibe, the vocal glides through the track as a seductive and mystic element supported by the funky groove.

It is definitely a fresh release that aims to hit hard on the dance floors worldwide. While staying true to the sound that defines the label the tracks take a leap toward the more bass and groove defined side of the spectre, which will probably bring joy to more than one DJ out there.

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