Something cool for the vinyl fans among you

D.O.C. will be releasing their new compilation album – Magnum Vol 1 – on May 27th 2016,  including exclusive tracks by Elekfantz, HNQO, L_cio, Shadow Movement, AnT, Monolink, Come and Hell, M.A.S., Monotype. Engineered and produced by label head Gui Boratto, it will be available as a limited triple vinyl gate fold.

With Magnum Vol. 1, D.O.C. Records has positioned it self as the home for both veteran and freshman artists; a well-needed break from the labels regular routine that was put to good use, resulting in one of the most defying releases to date.  Filled with exclusive brand new tracks from Monolink, AnT, L_cio, M.A.S., Shadow Movement, Elekfantz, HNQO, Come and Hell, Monotype this V.A. meets the high demands of the music scene, thanks to a particularly strong line-up showcasing both the best sellers and the personal favorites of the last two label years.

What’s most striking, however, is how a pool of artists as distinct as L_cio, AnT, Monotype, Elekfantz or M.A.S. can find harmony in diversity, aiming to define D.O.C.s current sound, the different family-members did wonderful and powerful tracks easily reaching their goals.  In this release D.O.C. Records has definitely established it self as a label to be watched as one of the bets for the years to come. This compilation is a must-have for anybody that has been following D.O.C. in the past years and for anyone that wants to start following now. It’s a milestone in the label’s history, and all in all it’s the best gift you could imagine.

A1 – Monolink – “Faces”
A2 – AnT – “Two Strangers”
B1 – L_cio – “Schwantes”
B2 – M.A.S. – “Driven By You”
C – Shadow Movement – “Lies”
D – Elekfantz – “To The Bone”
E – HNQO – “Balinese Death”
F1 – Come and Hell – “Waste”
F2 – Monotype – “Começo”