Dominik Eulberg releases 24 piece card game to accompany new album

Dominik Eulberg’s fifth studio album ‘Mannigfaltig’ presents an important message. As a biologist and ecologist, Dominik wanted to celebrate the beautiful and manifold nature of our earth’s species and the importance of its biodiversity, whilst also warning of the threat posed to it by humans. Through his twelve-track LP, Dominik paid tribute to twelve different species whose names each represented a number from one to twelve. Pushing his message further, Dominik has compiled a 24-piece card memo to present the beauty of those twelve featured species from his album.

“How can you fulfil the desire to have something tangible that you can hold in your hand when music is now primarily digital? We came up with a very special solution in the form of the ‘Mannigfaltig’ album memo game. It’s a deck of 24 beautifully designed cards, consisting of the 12 pairs of animals featured on the album. Each game comes with a digital download code for the full album, making it a great gift or addition to your own collection.” – Dominik Eulberg

Each card includes a fascinating fact about the animal, both in English and German. Only when the cards are paired the information becomes clear; the card game constitutes a way to directly raise awareness of those species and the importance of maintaining the planet’s biodiversity. With each game coming complete with a digital download code for the full album.

“All cards include information about the animal and their importance to the environment, in both English and German, making it a great educational tool. The set comes in a sturdy box with a linen-paper cover from an old Westerwald factory and follows on from the previous game ‘Fliegende Edelsteine'” – Dominik Eulberg

Along with the launch of the card game, Dominik has also released the next music video for album track ‘Eintagsfliege’. Collaborating with macro-photographer Thorben Danke, he uses complex focused and 3D-stacking to make nature’s smallest details visible. Over three years, Dominik and Thorben have created a fascinating video comprising 35,088 individual shots. The intention is to portray insects as humans, to represent the individual nature and beauty of each one.

The video for ‘Eintagsfliege’ has already been recognised by the UN Decade Of Biodiversity, gaining ‘An Outstanding Contribution’ award alongside receiving recognition from the Federal Agency of Nature Conservation who will feature the film as their ‘Project Of The Week’.

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