Dosem – City Cuts LP

Artist: Dosem
Title: City Cuts LP
Label: Suara
Cat No: SUARA124
Release Date: 22/09/14
Genre: Techno

Hot off the presses from the most cat friendly label on the scene, Suara, comes ‘City Cuts’, the third studio album from Dosem. This Spanish producer has seen a rise to success over the last few years finding favour with high profile labels such as Carl Cox and Jon Rundell’s Intec as well as Digweed’s, Bedrock. The expectations are high as we are told this new album explores more of a house flavour inspired by the urban life that has surrounded Dosem while travelling the globe.

The album kicks off with ‘Runnerpark’, and so begins a deceptively infectious blend of tech fused percussion and softened kick drum that seems to have the effect of luring us into a false sense of security. For this is the opener of openers, utilising eclectic synth melodies and beautifully rich blossoming pads to intensify its lush atmosphere while subconsciously intimating that this is the start of something you’re going to want to hang around for. But that’s not it really because come four minutes in , the pressure is cranked right down and slows the groove into a strictly dirty, broken beat affair which leaves the high behind.

From here on in we’re strapped in for a journey with all the varying shades of house music as the scenery. There’s tracks like ‘Cos of me’ that ooze a laidback, funked out loopy groove and ‘Expression’ who’s choppy disco-infused licks grab you by the hand and lead you to the dance floor.

It becomes clear as your listening that ‘City cuts’ is strictly for the dance floor. While there’s two soundscapes- the jacked up ‘No Past Ft. Louder Bays’ and a sublime ambient piece ‘Lost Taxi’ to add a bit of spice, it’s tracks like the 90’s rave inspired ‘Cut’s and Cats’ that form the backbone of the album. It showcases Dosem’s versatility to not only create something that gives a stylish nod to the past but also remains current with the added bliss of a beautifully orchestrated breakdown that probably makes this the standout piece of the album.

Thrown into the mix there’s a couple of tech fused numbers like the ‘Message’ with its subtle progressive vibe enveloping us and the controlling ‘Streetout’ who’s breakdown hypnotically gives us the finger as if to say it’s not done yet which just about rounds up the tastiest tracks on the release.

Overall, the release is well put together and has obviously been created with DJ’s in mind. The majority of tracks are four to the floor numbers and the sort that you can just grab and play in a set to keep the atmosphere on the level. While some of the tracks come across as clunky that really doesn’t matter, as this is an album for today’s dance floor, the here and now, and in all likelihood only another stepping stone in Dosem’s continuing rise to prominence on the scene.

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About the Author

Hooked on the sounds of techno and progressive in the mid-nineties Brian Cody made a name as one of Dublin’s most accomplished and hardworking DJs.