Dosem remixes the trance classic ‘1998’ by Binary Finary

Artist: Binary Finary
Title: 1998 (Dosem Remix)
Label: Armada Music
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Techno / Trance

Binary Finary, an idea, a collective, a household name in the Trance scene for the last couple of decades. A group of passionate and innovative musicians celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of their biggest hits this year. I talk about none other than the anthem “1998”, considered by many as one of the defining powers in the rave scene of the late 90s and early 2000s. Hearing it immediately gives you associations to legendary events such as “Love Parade” and “Sensation”.

For this special occasion, the guys have put together a small package fusing old with new, bringing along some top-notch producers for a modern touch up, much to the delight of electronic music fans all over the globe. When listening to the first released remix by Dosem, this guy immediately strikes you as the right man for the job, as he is known for having a versatile style and often making genre-bending music. Working with a kind of focused functionality in his take on the massive original, he keeps the rave vibe high. The soundscape of the track is based in the ’90s, but Dosem preps it for Tech House dance floors while also adjusting it towards today’s BPM.

It is a release for the special moments, and there is no doubt it will warm some old raver hearts on the dance floor while at the same time thrill the young hearts around. As 2018 seemed to be the year for playing or remixing old classics, this was definitely a proper closing release for the year.

1. 1998 (Extended Version)
2. 1998 (Dosem Remix)

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