Dosem returns with an impressive 2-tracker on his own label, Houstrike

Artist: Dosem
Title: Transportation EP
Label: Houstrike
Release: Out Now
Genre: Techno

After “Untold Stories”, Dosem presents the second chapter of his new label, Houstrike. At its core, Houstrike is a label that will exclusively focus on releasing Dosem’s own work, as well as a place for others to collaborate with him and remix his own originals, creating something of a Dosem-themed music lab, exploring a wider spectrum of electronic music genres beyond club music. As with much of Dosem’s output, this EP is as solid and dependable as an oak sideboard. And just as pretty.

‘Wherever We Go’ starts fairly innocuously with a functional house groove and low volume stab before a switch is turned on around the 30-second mark and the whole thing ignites into a melodic mid-set powerhouse. The synths and piano stabs dance gleefully around each other and Dosem expertly twists and turns the sounds to create tension and an appetite for more. Partly nod to Detroit and partly contemporary house, Whenever We Go is classic Dosem. And when only the best is good enough, this is the direction in which you turn.

If WWG was the hot girl next door, then Transportation is the sketchy white kid who stays in his bedroom watching weird Japanese porn and polishing his gun collection. Starting out with a mutating synth line and half beat percussive arrangement. Transportation languishes rather than invite you in. This is grimy late night broken beat techno: the bastard love child of Kode9 and Joy Orbison and it rocks. Hard. And then just like that, it’s over. Like that wild sex you had on a forgettable one night stand during university when only first names were important.

Hunt this down and own it because it’s absolutely brilliant.