Exclusive Free Download : Just Her & Kieran Fowkes – Hand in My Pocket

Decoded Magazine former Future Leader Just Her has been busy in the studio with singer Kieran Fowkes. First to see the light of day from their sessions is this brilliant cover of the classic Alana Morisette track, Hand in My Pocket, which is available here as a free download.

Over Skype yesterday, Claire told us,

Kieran and I have worked together in the past, when he sang vocals for Him_Self_Her tracks Gone Too Long, Love You Like I Used To and Inside Out. Recently, we decided to get back in the studio to work on more material, but this time we’ve been co-writing, singing duets, and making a range of styles from 4/4 house through to ambient and electronica, with Kieran playing guitar.


Just Her & Kieran Fowkes 2

Taken from the 1995 album ‘Jagged Little Pill’, Morisette’s third commercial release, Hand in My Pocket was written by album producer Glen Ballard and Morisette in Los Angeles. A powerful and universally positive track, its meaning has been debated in music undergrads and music forums the world over, but broadly speaking, covers the duality of man. This is signified by the different actions of her hands, and continues the theme of Zen and self awareness which features throughout the album.

Morisette cleverly employs a poetry technique called ‘rhyme juxtaposition’ as the main lyrical structure, although it is not consistent all the way through the song. In the first chorus for example, “…fine, fine, fine” is coupled with “…a high five”, when it should, according to traditional rhyming schemes, instead be set against “…a peace sign” which closes the third chorus, and which is in turn, coupled with a first line ending with the phrase, “…a cigarette”, which is a clear rhyme with the end of the second chorus: “…out just yet”.