Drumcode perfectly update the legendary tracks of Moby

Artist: Moby
Title: The Remixes
Label Drumcode
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Techno

Drumcode, the label giant known for always being in the front when it comes to releasing innovative music, has brought us maybe one of the most anticipated releases this year. The label has developed into somewhat a techno institution over the last 20 years, reaching further than the techno core through its famous events and radio station. However, the labels acknowledgement and reputation is mainly due to the label’s founder, world known Swedish DJ and producer Adam Beyer, always keeping the focus on delivering high-quality techno music.

Alongside some of the most well-known artists in the industry (including himself), the label gives us music from emerging talents as well, keeping the catalogue fresh, interesting and surprising. Moby is a legend. He has been a pioneer in the electronic music scene since his first release ‘Go’ in 1991 and has since then released 13 albums. Through his way of experimenting with and reinventing electronic music and tying strings to other music genres such as rock and hip-hop, he has made electronic music accessible to a big audience worldwide.

Luca Agnelli’s take on ‘Porcelain’ is the first track in the remix collection. Luca’s style has been described as contemporary techno, and the remix follows a strong technoid schema that works along a highly emotional sphere in combination with original elements. Next up is ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)’, a multilayered techno track with a strong bassline, and an outstanding synth merging with the vocals creating a unique techno creature.

Alan Fitzpatrick has also put his hands on ‘Porcelain’ in his ‘Late Night Dub’ version and spices things up. What immediately strikes is the build up of the song with a dynamic and lightly electro housey inspired core, underlining the classic melody of the original along with driving hi-hats in a track demanding its space. The duo Dense & Pika has been on everyone’s lips the past years, and continue to deliver hard-hitting releases with strong characteristics. Their remix of ‘Natural Blues’ is no different, a proper power tool with catchy hooks and skilful twists of the original elements intertwining.

A consistent member of the Drumcode family is Bart Skills, who has brought a lot of his personality in remixing Moby’s first big hit ‘Go’. The melody melts together with smooth percussions and the builds up to a momentum ending in a passionate climax of groove and vocals before continuing the journey. We move back to ‘Natural Blues’, but this time remixed by the Italian artist Marco Faraone who creates an uncompromising mix of dark, hypnotic techno and a massive force of melodic body, almost bringing about something spiritual in its massiveness.

Tiger Stripes strikes again after a long series of powerful releases that has gotten him a lot of recognition the last year.  He remixed ‘Go’ and presents us the two versions, ‘White Tail Remix’ and ‘Black Lodge Remix’. The ‘White Tail Remix’ is a fun and different tune combining strengths of multiple strings from techno and electronica in a euphoric and uplifting tune, keeping some of the eccentric oddness of the original but with a very personal retouch. The other version strips down to the essentials and is very on point and groovy in its way forward though keeping the intenseness energy wise. The Swedish twins Manic Brothers have done the final remix of ‘Go’, and we experience a track that yet again surprises and strikes hard through its two-stepish breakdown in the break before turning upwards and giving all the power possible.

This release is a great trip into the world of Drumcode and its current musical position. Some of Moby’s biggest pieces are reinterpreted by a handful of artists, each bringing valuable and strong characteristics that make them stand out in their own way. Although techno is the common denominator the tracks are versatile and displaying how different people perceive and work with music, especially when creating an own version of something already existing.

01. Moby – Porcelain (Luca Agnelli remix)
Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Enrico Sangiuliano remix)
03. Moby – Porcelain (Alan Fitzpatrick remix)
04. Moby – Natural Blues (Dense & Pika remix)
05. Moby – Go (Bart Skils remix)
06. Moby – Natural Blues (Marco Faraone’s Whitelandvox Remix)
07. Moby – Go (Tiger Stripes White Tail remix)
08. Moby – Go (Tiger Stripes Black Lodge remix)
09. Moby – Go (Manic Brothers remix)

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Living, loving and breathing music, Betty, or Beth Lydi, has immersed herself completely in all the areas of electronic music. Running her own label at the same time as managing some of the biggest labels in the industry, travelling the world as a DJ, and writing about music for well-known magazines within the scene, the born Norwegian does exactly what she loves. Based in Berlin, she is a workaholic with a butterfly image.