Drumcomplex and Roel Salemink – Crossing Borders album review

Artist : Drumcomplex and Roel Salemink
Title : Crossing Borders
Label : Intec Digtal
Release : Out NOW
Genre : Techno

We just want to put out reliable and solid releases in a cool, understated way. If a hit comes along, we’ll go with it but we’re not going to push it – it just needs to happen naturally.” Says Intec Digital. And a hit is indeed what they have here! Both Roel Salemink and Drumcomplex are seasoned professionals within the techno community, and this album sees then further cement their place at the top of the genre.

As the saw tooth bass of opener AMF growls into life my attention shifts immediately from updating my Facebook status and catching up with 3 days of missed emails and messages courtesy of a messy debut ADE, to this album. Meeting both Arnd and Roel at an industry only meet & greet for Tom Hades’ Rhythm Convert(ed) label has been one of a list of incredible experiences. Their pedigree speaks for itself and this album, their first, is nothing short of a jet fueled rocket ride through contemporary techno. Full of funk, melody and devilishly good tunes, this is as good an introduction to this guys as one could hope for.

AMF as I mentioned starts off with an almost DnB bass line, and its that the guys hang the beat, percussion and further harmonies to gelling the whole piece together perfectly. Altitude, with its rhythmic hits and ever evolving synth line feels almost angelic in comparison. Bullet in the Head stands out as a single, and I can envision a multitude of tech and house DJs playing it: groovy, hypnotic dance music at its finest.

Clockwork sounds very like Christian Smiths new album. No bad thing right? Another example of crossover techno done incredibly well and without a hint of cheese! Title track Crossing Borders is a more aggressive from the off with its deliberate first beat industrial stab sound leading the percussion. This IS techno for me. Crisp, clean drums, hard as nails stabs and an overall ambiance of marching or stomping generated by the cleverly arranged hats. Its 4am in the Gashouder music; god bless em! Friday and Glue ramp things up another notch; were coming into comparable territory with Adam Beyer or Alan Fitzpatrick now. My favourite track – Inside the Cocoon bristles with fiery intensity and acidic stabs, and will be a staple of my harder peak time sound for a long while to come. The album draws to a climatic finally with The Force: a techno tour de force!

Overall, a huge album from two huge personalities and something I will treasure for a long time. Go buy it NOW!!