“We had no intention of playing together or releasing any music, it was purely for fun. And no, the name had nothing to do with us being on a drunken night out!” – Drunken Kong

Drunken Kong is the project of D. Singh and DJ Kyoko. In 2010, the two started their project when one day, they suddenly decided to make a track together. Since then Drunken Kong focuses on experimenting with different styles of techno. Both members, coming from different musical backgrounds, have put their minds and energy in creating uplifting music.

Since the first gig of Drunken Kong at the end of 2011, they have been constantly active in the Tokyo techno scene, playing regularly at major Tokyo clubs such as Womb, Ageha, and Air. From then on, they have also been expanding their gigs to other regions of Japan and Asia. The two have also played alongside internationally top techno artists such as Mauro Picotto, Speedy J, Gabriel Ananda, Gary Beck D-Nox and Beckers, Guy J, Axel Karakasis and D-Unity and more. They also started their own party “INTENTION” at WOMB, inviting new artists to Japan, such as Nathan Barato, Arjun Vagale and Jewel-Kid.

They have also released on major labels such as Christian Smith`s Tronic, Naples based Loose Records, Swiss based !Organism, Canada based Unity Records and Beat Therapy Records. The duo have also been active with domestic labels as well, releasing an EP from Shin Nishimura`s Plus Records and various tracks and remixes from Session Womb.

Their “To The Piece” EP from TRONIC hit No. 2 on Beatport Top Techno EP Sales Chart and has gained a lot of attention/support from international top artists and DJs such as Adam Beyer, Christian Smith, 2000 and one, Uto Karem, Filterheadz, Dosem, Wehba, just to name a few. It was also played on the famous Drumcode Radio Episode 264 by Adam Beyer. The two have also created and released two sample packs aimed more for the production side from Waveform Recordings and Raw Loops. Their “Aggressive Techno” and “Afterhours Tech-house” sample pack hit the top 10 techno sample pack on Beatport Sounds.

D.Singh is a unique mix of Indian and Japanese. Studying in an audio engineering school in Los Angeles, he has primarily focused on making up- tempo music and started his DJ career when he moved back to Japan in 2008. Being influenced by the music culture of Japan, D. Singh created his solo project in 2009 named Noncitizen. Since then he had been playing at various parties in Tokyo and other parts of Japan. He successfully released his first track from D-Formation`s Beatfreak Recordings.

DJ Kyoko started her DJ career in 1995 playing reggae and then moved onto playing progressive house and techno. In 2001, she moved her career to becoming a trance DJ, which lead her successfully in the international scene, playing in various countries (US, Israel, China, Korea etc) and also giving her the opportunity to play in the Love Parade as the first female DJ.

While constantly loving and being inspired by the music, Drunken Kong continues to expand their possibilities while maintaining their quality work. With their powerful DJ styles and charisma, the two are able to constantly amuse the audience and keep the dance floor going while expanding their ideas and skills to the next level.

Our guest writer Dave Seaman of Selador Records threw down a few questions for the elusive duo ahead of their forthcoming Australian tour.

Tell us how you two first met and why you decided to work together.

We first met at a friends private party in Tokyo. I (Dee) was DJing that night and Kyoko came over to ask what track I was playing. We started chatting and found out that we shared a similar vision on music and from there we decided to work on a track for fun. This was the very beginning, and now here we are talking to you!

How did the name Drunken Kong come about?

Our project name, DRUNKEN KONG came from combining our initials D and K. When we completed our very first track, we had to think of a name for the track. We were thinking of names that come from D and K but we wanted our name to be something different and unique and this led to DRUNKEN KONG. At the time, we had no intention of playing together or releasing any music, it was purely for fun. And no, the name had nothing to do with us being on a drunken night out!

How is the club scene in Asia right now? EDM seemed to take over for a while. Is the underground now fighting back? Where are the best places you’ve played in Asia recently?

EDM is strong in Asia right now but underground music is also getting a really big following. We are seeing more parties happening all over Tokyo especially, but also many larger festivals bringing their stages here, which means more and more international artists. This isn’t just Japan either, there are some great things happening in China, Thailand and also Vietnam now too. We are very happy to see this!

So far, some of the best places we have played in Asia would be WOMB, Ageha, Vent and Arkham in Shanghai.

If you weren’t conquering the world as DJs/ Producers, what job would be most probably have?

Something related to music for sure!

What’s been your favourite album of the last 12 months that is not from the electronic dance genre?

Boom Boom Satellites / Best Collection

What’s your favourite film of all time?

“The Beach” – really loved the whole concept of the movie! But it made everyone go to Thailand and I hear now that the beach where they filmed it, is not a massive tourist destination. But I think there are many more un-spoilt places in Asia to still be discovered.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

Hang out at the beach with good people and good food. Being from Japan we are spoilt for choice when it comes to good places to eat, so we are a fan of Japanese cuisine of course, but love to travel and explore other cultures just as much.

What’s your greatest fear?

Losing all our music data! Ha. Can you imagine how terrible that would be? I think we have had a few nightmares about that at some point in our careers.

If you could have 4 people over for dinner (they can still alive or someone from history), who would you invite?

I am going to go for someone non famous here. I think this would be our grandparents. It would be really great to hear their old stores of the times they experienced in Japan and India. Many things the younger generation do not get to hear about these days, and it’s so important to know where you came from.

You can catch Drunken Kong in Australia this August at:

August 4th Sydney at Jam Gallery

August 6th Melbourne at Brown Alley Melbourne