Dubspeeka set to release the suspenseful, introspective 5-track ‘County Lines’ EP

Fresh off the bat of the first two releases, techno curators Korpus 9 announce their third EP from the elusive Bristolian producer Dubspeeka, a suspenseful, introspective 5-track EP featuring remixes from Robert S (PT) and Drumcomplex. County Lines EP is a study into deep, brooding modular waveforms representing a more classic, serious kind of techno, exemplified in its minimal yet satisfying grooves and beautiful atmospheric movement in the synthesised parts. This EP manages to carry on the momentum of its first two siblings in the trilogy while providing an encompassing finale.

County Lines is the main feature of this EP, with the original mix serving as an ethereal, dreamlike opener, beautifully combining scratchy vinyl-esque drum patterns with hazy organic textures in a state of subtle but constant motion. The atmosphere in the track is a sombre, bleak insight into the empty warehouse after all the clubbers have left, providing so much emotion in a single two-note chord that plays throughout the track.

Madeiran producer Robert S (PT)’s remix is a higher-energy counterpart to its original, serving up a high-energy rhythm accentuated by long booming kicks and swapping out the melodic ambience for a more foley-based approach. Robert S mixed in sweeping dissonant soundscapes that form a sonic rainfall over the track. You can hear Robert S (PT)’s signature iridescent style carried over from his work with Sleaze, Planet Rhythm and other major labels. He has become adept at creating scenes glistening with tiny movements that add up to create a dense emergent layer of atonal sounds.

German techno veteran Drumcomplex delivers two distinct remixes for this EP, a 2AM remix and a 6AM remix. The former encapsulates the Berlin sound, with high-rising industrial pads forming an ominous megalithic structure over a primordial oozing baseline. Drumcomplex fully demonstrates his view of techno as a science through the attention to detail paid to each minuscule part in this crowded full-bodied mix, embodying the sonic tension of a huge room of chaotic partygoers.

His 6AM remix is an even more nocturnal take, with a hollow syncopated arp-perc hybrid taking centre stage as it hops playfully over a constantly marching kick. Shimmering pads and FX dance around the centrefolds in an entrancing manner, adding to the diverse layering and complex intertwining of different textures and timbres. The finely tuned giant machine of sound you hear is the result of Drumcomplex’s 25+ years of experience in the industry and a dedication to creating a sense of audio escapism over thousands of hours of studio work.

Dubspeeka closes off County Lines EP with a second original mix, 0.0455. This track hits you almost immediately with pounding suspense, slowly developing into a mechanical, ticking beat and slowly warping into an amorphous cloud of subtle harmonies and vaporous airy textures. The subtle rise-and-fall movement created by incremental changes to the pads over time gives the track the impression that it’s slowly inhaling and exhaling the tension and release that it spits out.

After several years producing drum and bass under a range of aliases, recent history has seen west England’s Darren Beale a.k.a. Dubspeeka cement himself in the techno world, implementing dark and heavy atmospheres and ferocious kicks to create a harmonious amalgamation of sonic aesthetics.

01. County Lines (Original Mix)
02. County Lines (Robert S (PT) Remix)
03. County Lines (Drumcomplex 2AM Remix)
04. County Lines (Drumcomplex 6AM Remix)
05. 0.0455 (Original Mix)

Dubspeeka will be releasing ‘County Lines’ EP through established underground label Korpus 9 on 8th May 2020.

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