EastEast Radio explores stories & music from West Asia and North Africa

Launched in December 2020, EastEast Radio is an extension of EastEast magazine and MaWaheb Festival which are projects launched by Creative Cultural Agency with the aim to promote cultures of West Asia, North Africa and beyond. 

Streaming 24/7, EastEast Radio will focus on music from West Asia, North Africa, Global East, its diasporas and beyond with commissioned mixes and podcasts from artists, labels, promoters and enthusiasts of these cultures and music.

This month the station will have mixes coming up from NTS’ Nabihah Iqbal, mysterious Saudi artist MSYLMA, Moscow’s ‘fourth world’ music explorer Koyil, Hive Mind Records, Jordan’s Radio Al Hara’s co-founder Atlas, Gharamophone Records who collect Jewish music from North Africa and an interview with the Indonesian duo Senyawa as part of our Global Zomia series. They will also be debuting a new podcast series called ‘Of Ghostland’ which features conversations with people from countries and territories that no longer exist as part of EastEast’s (no)borders issue. 

 Last year, the station launched with shows from Rabih Beaini (Morphine Records), Bulat Khalilov (Ored Recordings), Ian Nagoski (Canary Records), and Sublime Frequencies. 

There are many cultures of these regions being overlooked by Russian and Western media and all of these projects are an attempt to broaden the cultural agenda locally and globally. The EastEast editorial platform sets the global discourses for these initiatives whilst EastEast Radio digs deeper into its musical sides and paves the way for MaWaheb Festival by introducing music from West Asian and North African countries to the broader audience. 

EastEast is a full-scale bilingual magazine on history and contemporary culture – using texts, photographs and videos to tap into, show unique and sometimes unnoticed sides of the countries situated on the East-East axis. An Arabic version of the magazine will also be available soon.