Echonomist journeys into the different corners of sounds with his Nebula LP on Upon.You Records

Artist: Echonomist
Title: Nebula LP
Label: Upon.You Records
Cat No: UY121
Release date: 15th May 2017
Genre: Techno

Greek born Echonomist is back with his debut long player on the label Upon.You Records. This is a journey in to the different corners of sounds and moods, and he really gets to show his talent in working with varied styles and incorporating his musical influences without loosing the sound that has defined him over the years.

We start the travel with “Cosmos” an atmospherically and strong introduction leading the way to “Crescent Moon”. Here, Echonomist swiftly changes the vibe through the more punchy groove although a layer of synth is slowly integrated in the track continuing with a hint of spherical moods from the introduction.

“Free Fall” gets dirtier in the synth and unfolds in a dreamy melodic mass accompanied by great percussive work, the track seeming destined to make hands go up in the air.

“Nebula” is the title track on the release, and here we experience a rise in the energy as the track pushes forwards and upwards having synths and spherical sounds leaning on a nice and rolling groove.

“Agony” continues in the groove driven direction before Echonomist introduces us the beatless “Perasma”, where he takes us back to the dreamy world of experimental sounds. After the softly caressing break comes “Sofa Surfer”, and again we are taken back to the intense pleasure of tight beats working their way around the ear accompanied by whimsical synths.

For the track “Meonas”, Echonomist got together with Thodoris Triantafillou, and together they created an almost nine minute long odyssey of harmonically engineered elements and soft percussions keeping the energy level moderate but utterly charming through its quirky twists and turns. In the second last track of the long player Echonomist again turns to the massiveness that is only acquirable through knobbiness of the synth, and the result is a lush track working its way towards a huge momentum that explodes in a fest of sounds and groove.

“Metamorphosis” turns the clock back and slows the tempo down with a downbeat interplay between string like elements and dry drums. As this long player unfolds we are taken into the melodic and swirling world of Echonomist, some songs moving into the periphery of experimenting and some back to the core of a dance floor, while keeping the music solid with a high level of quality.


01. Cosmos
02. Crescent Moon
03. Free Fall
04. Nebula
05. Agony
06. Perasma
07. Sofa Surfer
08. Meonas feat. Thodoris Triantafillou
09. AAΩ
10. Metamorphosis

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