“I plan on growing musically and collaborating more and more with musicians until I feel I can deliver an album that can be a timeless piece” – Edu Imbernon

Edu Imbernon takes nothing for granted. Touring relentlessly, producing, and running two labels (Eklektisch and Fayer), all whilst keeping an eye on his pets and fixing up mean paellas, the busy Valencian has come a long way since deciding that music, and not a degree in Economics at the University of Valencia, was the right path to choose.

And his decision has paid off, yielding results that have firmly vindicated this. His Fayer events, starting humbly in his home city and subsequently expanding, have featured performances from, among others, Dixon, Ame, Seth Troxler, and his inspiration as a teenager, Tiga; a residency at Ibiza’s legendary Space; and a host of remixes, most notably for indie-dance superstars The xx (‘Crystallised’ and ‘Reunion’), as well as for Tiga, Maya Jane Coles and Metronomy.

Edu is preparing to set the ball rolling this season on La Isla Blanca at Privilege, playing the opening party on May 25th, and we caught up with him in advance.

Another summer in Ibiza beckons and there have been suggestions that the island isn’t the place it once was. Do you subscribe to this theory?

I’ll see now after playing the first shows of the season, is definitely changed in some ways, but lets see if for the better or for the worse.

Privilege is considered the largest nightclub in the world. Do you get a sense of its vastness when you play there and does it have something extra about it because of this?

Haven’t really played the main room many times which I think is where you can get that sense of vastness; but it’s a cool historic place in the island and I think it can be a key venue again.

The opening party also features an appearance from Roger Sanchez, who can be quite rightly seen as a veteran. Does your admiration for someone who has seen and done it all to keep working as hard as they do remain strong?

For sure, my list of heroes is still up there and I’m aiming to accomplish half the things they have done!

Space has gone down in history as one of the great clubs of our time, and the closing party looked to have been an emotional, bittersweet night. How did it feel to be a part of both that night and the Space story in the last few years?

It felt special, being able to have called Space my home in Ibiza during my career is a great thing. The closing party was very emotional and special; everyone who was there had the chance to keep that memory forever.

Valencia’s clubbing scene has undoubtedly been helped by your Fayer nights. Have you noticed an upsurge in foreign clubbers coming to the city, and has the proximity of Ibiza (circa 100 miles), and indeed the time you’ve spent there, helped give Valencia a different flavour in comparison to, say, Barcelona or Madrid?

Valencia is very influenced by Ibiza (as you mention, the proximity) so basically the artists that are successful on the island often are very successful bookings for the city. Since we started bringing A list artists to the city I’ve felt a evolution in the scene in the city itself, many more promoters doing events and people caring more about the line ups and the quality of the events. Despite that, Valencia has a very local scene compared to Barcelona so sometimes is harder to program newer names, but little by little we are educating our crowd around this.

You end each month this summer with a gig on home turf (Fayer, Valencia). Is this a deliberate decision in order to touch base again and feel grounded?

Not really, is just the dates we can fit in the calendar, depending on my schedule and the guest we bring schedule + what we think would be the best day to do the event on each specific month.

Like so many others, Berlin was the place where you found yourself in a literal, and metaphorical sense, and your label, Eklektisch (German for ‘eclectic’) was obviously inspired by being there. Do you look at the label and see it as a connection or tribute to the German capital?

For sure, I see the label as my personal lab, started it when I was 19 years old, so it has gone all the way on the process of growing and improving along my career.

Your interest in economics almost led you down a different path, however, it must be of benefit to you when it comes to the more ‘adult’ side of being self-employed, or do you leave that to someone else?

100%, at the end of the day, there are many factors for an artist’s career that are related to business management and economics, I’m so glad i was interested on those since I was very young.

Your appreciation of acoustic and non-synthesised sounds is well known, and the piano and cello play prominent roles in your latest track, ‘Underworld’. How important do you feel this is?

I really like acoustic elements, guitars, bass and other “real” instruments. I enjoy remixing and working on those elements although I also enjoy synthesized sounds. I think a combination of both worlds is a winner :)

A lot of your music features vocals. Do you write the lyrics yourself, or is that given over to whomever you choose to sing on your tracks?

I leave that to the vocalist which in most of the cases is also a songwriter, I normally define what I want to speak about in the song, then the vocalist writes about it.

Your approach covers a wide spectrum of electronic and indie music. What caught your attention musically as you were growing up?

Definetely groups like Depeche Mode or New Order, been a big influence on my music. Also im a very big fan of The XX, I’m very happy I remixed for all of their albums (including a remix that hasn’t been released yet for their latest album)

What are your career plans, either in the long or short term?

I plan on growing musically and collaborating more and more with musicians until I feel I can deliver an album that can be a timeless piece, I don’t believe in the new concept of releasing albums to create hype, I believe in the old fashion way which was to release albums that people will listen to forever.

And who are you most excited about releasing music for on each of your labels?

For Eklektisch I have really exciting music coming up, especially a release from Ukrainan duo Artbat, on Fayer a new french talent named Quatri, he is under 20 years old and already making beautiful music.

Thanks for chatting with us, and enjoy this summer in Ibiza and beyond!

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