Elay Lazutkin – I think comes down to politics with “copy and paste sample loop” artists & tracks or “artists” which are popular right now on Beatport

Originally from Moscow Russia, Elay Lazutkin has carved a niche for himself as one of today’s rising stars in the techno music scene. In 2010 Elay began to produce and releasing music, which was very well received by his peers. Over the last few year he has now developed with an impressive back catalogue of music on some stellar labels such as Groovant, Funk n Deep and Italo Business to name a few.

He continues produce quality techno and regularly plays clubs and festivals all around the world. With his music career experiencing massive success, Elay launched his own electronic music label, SYNC FX. The release schedule for his new label is already full with singles and EPs by an assortment of new and established artists. With his collection of experience, and a bright future ahead, Elay is in high demand, as one of today’s leading artists in the worldwide techno music scene.

Hi Elay, thank you for taking time out to speak to us here at Decoded. How has the past year been for you and the run up to the summer?

Hi guys! Nice to chat to you. Well the past year I had many changes with my career and all whats going on around me and my music. I’ve started off in style in Brazil at Universo Paralello in the New Year and then after that began focus more on my own record label – Sync Fx Audio. Also I’ve launched my new side project ‘Cable Cat’, which is deep house oriented. For last year I’ve changed a lot with my live-sets and style of playing music.

For our readers who have never been to Moscow Having never been to Moscow personally, can you tell us a bit about what it was like growing up there?

Growing up!?  Moscow is a big city and is full of money and people. In the city center people are always running somewhere in a hurry. Everyone is always late due to traffic on the roads during the day. When I grew up here I went to a musical school and but computers, video games had a big influence on me like they had on electronic music. At 16 years I was already working in one marketing company and sell some theater performance tickets to people. With my first job I had always some money in pocket and each weekend I went to various big raves and festivals, which were popular in summer usually. So I had to study and work like everyone. Before I finished university I packed in the marketing job and decided to be a DJ and producer. I had already had some amazing moments and nice experiences and after experimenting with software and equipment I felt I could do more and go on to do something in music.

Whilst on the topic of your home city, what is the nightlife like there at the minute and particularly the clubbing scene?

If you can try to imagine the capital city of Russia has 15 million people! You can find everything here. I could say that now there is some really musical events going on all the time. I also started to do some party’s here in Moscow of about 100-300 people depending on the venue. Usually its small label party’s with our local DJ’s, me or someone international ones who we are familiar with. But its safe to say you can find everything. I mean many of the top artists have already been to play here so I guess clubbing scene here is very big now and will only get bigger in future.

Have you ever wanted to move Western Europe to be closer the scene?

Yes I have and there are many Russians around Europe but right now I am playing more often in South America than Europe. For example in past I was playing often in Brazil or Mexico was thinking about moving to Brazil or maybe something like that. I guess now it maybe time to try new horizons in Europe and new adventures with the people, clubs and events. I’ve already been to France, Germany, Portugal, Austria even to Japan but guess for now my influences worked more in South America. For me its more closer to fly and play from Moscow. Techno is very big there. Much bigger than in Russia but I like to play at home too cause Russian people one of the craziest on the dance floor.

Your sound is Techno. Can you give us an insight into your musical journey from your younger days to present and what influenced to go towards Techno? 

Well it’s a long story. Some people know that I had other musical projects. I’ve started with psytrance in past in 2007 as ‘Animalis’ and Elay Lazutkin project for me was like a ‘side’ experiment project in beginning but that ended in 2009 and the ‘Elay’ project took over for sure. I never listened to techno before I’ve started ‘Elay Lazutkin’ project. I guess I came in love with techno during me making it. Some people even were telling to me “Hey man look Umek is playing your track!” and I was like “Who is that guy?!” so it was funny to grow and meet all of this guys. Guess I came into techno just to try something new in my music life. Same as now I have one more side project in deep house.

What projects are you currently working on, and is there anything in particular we should look for this year?

I have just released my new techno single ‘Soda’ and with a few more releases by other guys on my own label Sync Fx Audio. Also I have upcoming big remix release on Funk’n Deep records with remixes by Ricky Ebner (SCI+TEC) and Raffaele Rizzi (Tronic / Bitten). Im working with Mike (FunknDeep manager) very close last months with his label and we help to each other with some tracks and various label questions. As mentioned before, I also have my deep house project called ‘Cable Cat’ and finally I have also just released an EP ‘Cosmo’ on American Audiophile Deep. Also I am doing a remix in June with alongside Manik and Gabe. Aside from that I’m trying to promote my record label which I do my monthly Podcast and with some recordings of live-sets on a gigs.

Running a label is very time consuming. Do you find it difficult in managing it, whilst Djing and producing?

Yes that true. But I’m a geek. Sometimes people ask me “How you can run 4 websites, have two music-projects, do parties etc” but I’m young and when you open your own record label its kind a your baby cause it represents your own sound and concept. I really don’t like what kind of music is been released nowadays on some labels, which I think comes down to politics with “copy and paste sample loop” artists & tracks or “artists” which are popular right now on Beatport. So to have your own label means its more independence for me. The followers of the label love our our sound and and this makes me proud of what I have created. Alongside this I also do graphic design, artworks in the scene.

Whilst doing A&R for SYNC FX,are there any do’s and don’ts when submitting demos to the label, that you can you can tell producers out there?

Firstly what I’m look and check when I’m getting demo on my email – is QUALITY of music. If that track sounds good and pro – that means that guy who made it knows what he doing. I’m trying to release only stuff what I really like to play in my sets. Prefer not to release music for the sake of it, otherwise whats the point plus no big effort would go into the promo from my side and i am happy that its going like that. I’m even trying to keep all the artwork of the same concept to show the vibe and vision of the label.

What do you look for and what is the process for selection of tracks to be released?

Guess I’ve answered that in last question. All tracks coming in to Sync Fx Audio I check only in my studio and also normally looking for 2 or more tracks to release an EP. This year I’ve released our first compilation ‘Sync Yourself’ it was fun but not as easy as I thought. In future I’m planning to get more and more big artists to my label and keep doing big compilations too.

If you had to pick three producers that had a big influence in your style of production and sound today, who would they be?

I like as a producer the sound of Carlo Lio, maybe as well  Whyt Noyz or Jaceo. I have many favourite producers both small and big in the techno scene.

What three tips would you give to beginner producers?

Training your ears by listening to quality finshed tracks. Work hard and always analyse what you doing. Get decent quality speakers and a happy space to work in.

With a large back catalogue of releases you used to do a live show but switched to DJing can you tell us more about this?

In past I was playing only my tracks in my live sets and it was like a live  show and some of them was even up to 2 hours long. It was ableton together with iPad and some USB controllers. But after I found that boring to play only my own stuff. I think is hard to listen same producer 2 hours non-stop on dance floor. My brother gave me a gift me X1 to try and then I switched to Traktor. Now I’m playing like a live-set but mixing other tracks with mine best of both. I like do DJ on stage, some guys like doing 2 x X1 plus Maschine or something else. I do with F1 and two X1 conrollers. Right now I cannot imagine my set without 4 channels. Two channels on mixer and setup sounds boring for me. In my case always kilos of cables and controllers. I like to be busy during my sets.

Are there any particular producers you are keen to work with?

You mean collaborations? I’ve tried few times. but find usually nobody works the same way so prefer alone. Its really hard to find right producer to do really interesting collaborations. But I can say that joint tracks working much better if you talking about commercial side of the industry.

With the hectic summer about to kick off what are your plans for it for gigs and festivals you would like to share with us?

I recently finished a techno party in Moscow with D-Unity, some local DJs and myself as part of a label showcase Sync Fx Audio. Also I have one more deep house event at the end of this month along with a few gigs in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Then I have a South America tour starting with Ecuador and after that want hoping to go back again to Mexico and Brazil. I’m hoping too to lock in some gigs in Europe too in Germany, Spain, France.

You have provided a mix for us. Is this a typical club set or what vibe did you want to convey?

Well I did actually mix special for Decoded Magazine! There are some of my new and unreleased tracks and some old favourites all suitable for the dance floor.

What are your top 5 tracks at the minute?

Carlo Lio – Escobar Season,
Gaga – Rocking (Ivan Oliva Remix),
Adrian Hour – Again Faster (Alberto Ruiz Remix),
The Southern – Sliced (Elay Lazutkin Remix),
Ruben Mandolini – Also! (The Junkies Remix)

Finally is there anything else you would like to tell us about that you have planned production wise for 2015?

Right now I am doing a new Ep and remix contest release ‘Walking on ma Beat’ and is available now (www.elaylazutkin.com). I’m looking for fresh new talent who can join my label. This year I am planning to do more label parties and showcase events of my label in Russia and maybe outside too. We will see! Stay tuned with my news and music via website and network. Links can be seen below.

Elay thanks for chatting to us here at Decoded and more so for the mix take care. 

Elay Lazutkin – Pink Puss (Promo)
Gaga – Rocking (Ivan Oliva Remix)
Adrian Hour – In Hell (Original Mix)
Mladen Tomic – Parthenon (Original Mix)
DJ Fronter – Hipnotic (Original Mix)
Elay Lazutkin – Magnetizm (Promo)
Elay Lazutkin – Walking on ma Beat (Promo)
Riva Starr_Rssll_Nobodys Fool (Carlo Lio Remix)
Mattew Jay – Nightlife In Brooklyn (Original Mix)
Ant Brooks – Aphelion (Skober Remix)
Adrian Hour – Again Faster (Alberto Ruiz Remix)
Elay Lazutkin – El Dorado (Original Mix)