Electronic music collectable platform, RCRDSHP launches

RCRDSHP (pronounced “record shop”), the new platform for electronic music enthusiasts launches today. To celebrate, RCRDSHP is dropping its very first series of packs stuffed with digital collectibles from global dance music artists and brands.

For these GENESIS packs, RCRDSHP has teamed up with legendary DJs and producers, iconic labels, and major festivals that span the globe and cover a full range of electronic music genres to change the independent music game for good. They will all pop up in the GENESIS packs, which will contain a surprise grab bag of collectibles that showcase the diversity of electronic music. These pack drops are the first in an impressive lineup of music collectibles, tailored to ignite engaging and creative interaction between artists and their most loyal fans, and assured by the blockchain and non-fungible tokens.

“RCRDSHP is launching a fresh new kind of space for electronic music culture to thrive, one that takes full advantage of cutting-edge tech like blockchain and NFTs, while leveraging large-scale platform dynamics and gamification,”says co-founder and CEO Obie Fernandez. “The key differentiator between us and others is that our heart is in the right place: with the music and the people who make it. We are all serious DJs and music producers here at RCRDSHP, and we want to give our fellow musicians more sustainable ways to make a living via new and exciting technology.

”RCRDSHP collectibles are more than crypto-glorified MP3s or digital trading cards; this is not another NFT auction or fixed-price marketplace. Each limited-edition collectible encapsulates a unique aspect of an artist, label, or festival brand’s musical worlds: a legendary video moment in front of a crowd or backstage or in the studio, a coveted exclusive track that’s never been heard before, or work of inspiring visual art that takes the fan deeper into that artist’s creative universe. These collectibles are dropped in packs, which can be unwrapped, and their content can be bought and sold, listened to, watched, or even combined using game mechanics to unlock cool, new premium collectibles and even in-real-life experiences.

Packs and their collectibles come in a range of sizes and rarity levels that define their price point, with many available at low prices accessible to an overwhelming majority of fans. It’s part game, part marketplace, part community space, combined to form the foundation for a full dance music metaverse.“We’ve spent months partnering exclusively with dozens of the world’s most credible artists, labels and event brands from the worldwide electronic dance music scene”, says co-founder and CCO Eric Reithler-Barros, a veteran global dance music executive. “We really want to feature all layers of the electronic dance music world, from shiny mainstream to deep dark underground, from trance to techno to bass to d&b, from exclusive tracks to limited-edition sample packs and DJ cards.”RCRDSHP soft-launches its first public pack drops on August 17, and will continue full steam ahead until a broader launch program ignites at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), which RCRDSHP is sponsoring this year. Look out for RCRDSHP’s pavilion in central Amsterdam, which will be the official hub of all things NFT, DeFi and blockchain at ADE 2021.

RCRDSHP partners include:Ashley Wallbridge, Bar25, Black Hole Recordings, Blanco Y Negro, Blacksoul Music, Circus Recordings, CloudKid, Dexter King, Dino Maggiorana, Disco Fries, D-Nox & Beckers, D-Unity/Unity Records, Great Wall Festival, HQ Recordings, Iboga Records, Kaiser Souzai/Ballroom Records, Kittball Records, Liquicity, M.I.K.E. Push, Magic Music, Mark Knight/Toolroom Records, Mason, Mauro Picotto, Music Over Matter, Minimal Audio, Mobilee Records, Nakadia, Natura Viva Records, Rob Hes/Pursuit Recordings, RSSRCT, Sharam Jey/Bunnytiger Records, Solarstone/Pure Trance, Stefano Noferini/Deeperfect Records, Strange Fruits, TheFatRat, Tidy Trax, Transmission Festival, Tribal Trap Records, Vassy, Vision Impossible, Wookie, and more to come!

Find out more here https://app.rcrdshp.com/

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