Eli & Fur – This will be our first winter festival in the UK. Nic Fanciulli’s done a great job at bringing together some incredible line-ups and we’re grateful to be a part of it.

Since breaking onto the scene in 2012, Eli & Fur have been perfecting a sound built around infectious, electronic melodies and seductive vocal lines that have been hypnotizing dance floors from London to Los Angeles. Their production techniques are as on point as ever; drawing from anything House, with an obsession for old school Chicago and touches of Detroit Techno mixed with influences of RnB, Garage and Drum n Bass. Their work ethic, incredible sets and down to earth nature has won them an army of fans and admirers from across the dance music spectrum, and 2016 looks to be another fantastic year for them.

A&R Simon Huxtable caught up with the dynamic duo who are currently on tour in North America, to discuss their career, plans for 2016 and their up coming performance at Winter Social festival on Feb 6th.

Hi Girls, great to meet you. How are you both?

Hi! Nice to meet you too. We’re doing really well.

2012 saw you break into the big leagues, and your infectious sound has been entrancing dance floors the world over ever since. Can you talk us through how life changed for you that year, and the challenges those life choices were overcome?

Having tracks out that get more exposure always helps; getting people more aware of you and a good response is always great. It helps drive the gigs. Since we started doing this we’ve been completely hooked, it’s really all we can envision doing, so having that dream get any closer to a reality is amazing.

In terms of  daily life, whats become the most liberating thing about being full time artists?

I think the best part of doing the job full time is having more time to be creative. Balancing a day job, DJing and making tracks is tough and it’s harder to find time, although it is a great challenge, It’s amazing for us to finally be able to put all our energy into one area. Being able to travel is always a plus point too, seeing so many new and beautiful places is incredible.

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Congratulations on being nominated for ‘Best Newcomer’ at this years DJ Awards in Ibiza. How did it feel at the time?

It was so exciting for us. To get any sort of recognition from the industry is always a big deal. It’s great motivation, especially being Ibiza based, it’s such a special and important place for us, so it’s a fantastic feeling.

Beatport and Pete Tong were quick to sing your praises, did you feel a greater pressure to succeed in those early days as you felt your way in the industry? Who did you have for support?

In terms of support it’s always each other. We are lucky that we’re so close and are both going through the same things. There’s always a lot of pressure on the both of us just as we have high hopes and an extremely strong desire to succeed, so getting recognition from anyone we look up to is a real bonus, but there aren’t a lot a points of reflection at the moment. We just want to keep pushing on and doing better and better.

You’ve been friends since you were both teenagers we understand. How did you meet?

Yes we met at school! The music collaborating came later on when we left and started spending more time in clubs and really developing a passion for a certain sound. We had a mutual appreciation for the same music and it just happened really naturally.

So you’re back in North America until February, guess the first tour went well! Did you get to do your Thelma & Louise road trip?

Yes we did! We couldn’t drive to as many places as we wanted though because the routing didn’t work out. The idea was to be on the road as much as possible as we’re both terrified of flying, so that was an interesting experience. We drove the Pacific Coast highway in California which was amazing, so beautiful.


February 6th sees you back in the UK at the Winter Social Festival in Kent. How do you find festivals generally? 

Yeah we love festivals, it’s a great chance to see a bigger selection of DJs, it’s also nice to have one in winter! This will be our first winter festival in the UK. We are really excited to see a lot of the other people on the bill. Nic Fanciulli’s done a great job at bringing together some incredible line-ups and we’re grateful to be a part of it.

Headlining this year is Steve Lawler. Have you had much chance to see him live? Is there anyone else you’re looking forward to seeing?

Oh wow, no we’ve never seen Steve Lawler, so there’s another thing to look forward to! To be honest we cannot wait to see everyone play, it’s amazing to be part of such a great line up. We will try and immerse ourselves in it as much as possible!

Tell us about your DJing style. Each duo I meet has a specific way of working, do you feed off each other’s energy or have clear ideas of how the set will progress?

There will be tracks we are into at certain points that we love to play out, and we always have those ready, but we love to play around with live elements in our sets, vocals, drum loops, effects. It’s very hands on so its great having two of us, one of us will usually cue up a track wile the other incorporates the live elements. Or we will play back to back.

Whats been your biggest track of 2015? Other than your own!

Such a hard question! There have been so many, but one we really love is Scuba – Too Strong (Bambook & Mennie remix)

Let’s move onto production. Tell us about working with Shadow Child. Bet you learned loads!

Of course! That was an amazing experience, he is so talented, we learnt so much from him. We love to collaborate, it always gives you a different way of looking at things, a fresh take and ideas you can incorporate into your own productions.

When your making a new track, have you got a trusted workflow?

We always have ideas to work with but it changes all the time when making tracks. It could start with a lyric, melody, beat, chords, we always try and mix it up, just so we are constantly being challenged and the ideas feel fresh.

Can you tell us about your releases for 2016?

Lots of ideas and collaborations in the pipeline. We’re also spending a lot of January in the studio so there will be lots of new material to come!

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Being on the road so much is one of the downsides of the DJ business. How do you like to unwind from the hectic schedule?

When we aren’t on the road we like to spend time making our own music, it can be really hectic so it’s nice to be creative when not on the move. Also going out, seeing DJs we like, hanging out with friends, eating, drinking. Normal stuff.

Well, its been marvellous to meet you both, we wish you all the best for 2016. Is there anything you’d like to finish with?

You too! Just that we are excited to be back in the UK in February for The Social and thanks for the interview!


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