We get or hands on the new single from Equador, the new project from Zero 7s Henry Binns and singer Bo Bruce

Singer Bo Bruce and producer / musician Henry Binns met whilst working on tracks for what would become Bo’s top ten debut album in 2013, and immediately hit it off as a writing duo. In 2015 the pair holed up in the Zero 7 studio – Henry being one-half of that hugely popular Mercury nominated group – writing and recording early versions of what would become the new album by Equador.

Musician friends dropped by and added touches of inspiration and occasional production wizardry, most notably hiatus and Jodi Milliner, who contributed to most tracks on the record. 

The result is an album of extraordinary beauty, taking Bo’s distinctive voice, and fusing it with a unique sound that combines elements of 90’s down-tempo ambience coupled with the haunting sound of 60’s mellotron and Wurlitzers.

First fruit of the album comes on July 1st in the form of the stunning double A side Bones of Man / Blood, the latter track already having clocked up strong support from fan bases of both artists when a video was released in the Spring. The album, Bones Of Man, is released in September on Pegdoll Records.

Good things abound for this incredible pairing as without any marketing, the tester video for Blood, the a-side to their debut single, has over 19k views on YouTube and Break Me Gently, a Doves cover has more than 15k plays.