Event Review: Music On Amsterdam

Music On is the most celebrated techno brand in the world. Marco Carola has ensured this with his high octane sets around the world from London to New York to Chicago. Of course, he also has a huge residency in Ibiza that is just around the corner but before that came with his own two day festival in Amsterdam.

It goes down at Havenpark, a lush green space that was easily accessible within the Dutch capital. It was turned into a fine adult playground for this event with a huge main stage and another greenhouse-like structure that allowed some of the hot sun in. It shined down on a fine looking crowd that is made up of fresh-faced and hardcore party animals from all over Europe.

On Saturday there are plenty of housier vibes to get the festival in full flow. Apollonia does their slick and well oiled back to back set and take us up and down from side to side. With deep soul, vocals and funky house all making an appearance, it had a diversity we loved. Paco Osuna is someone who doesn’t mess around when he steps up; layering drums into intoxicating affairs that meshed amazingly with the impressive production (lighting and sound!) rallying to get people into the zone.

Marco himself is always going to be one of the biggest draws. He steps up with a huge grin and immediately pumps out the grooves. He goes for some house vocal moments that get a big cheer from the floor but then he drops in some fresh new cut from Dutch talent, Luuk van Dijk. He truly is a master of his craft.

Getting fed and watered at this event is easy so you don’t miss out any dancing, we were really impressed with the service throughout the grounds of the venue. There were also areas to relax and soak up the rays if you get all too sweaty. The sound is world class, with punchy kick drums, crispy hi-hats sounding slick up top. Add in blasts of smoke, the visual screens and you have the sort of sensory stimulating event that won’t be forgotten.

Sunday is no different, with plenty of big hitters all stepping up to the main stage. There are people worshipping at the raised DJ altar throughout the 12-hour affair; hands in the air and plenty of whoops and cheers adding to the soundtrack provided by the likes of Marco Faraone, Oxia and Pig & Dan. But undoubtedly so, the real heroes of this event were more local boys – Secret Cinema and Egbert who once again went back to back to raise the bar. This was another huge Music On event that set the summer season up immensly.

Review by Chris