Ever wanted to go raving in a castle, situated in the mountains of Romania with Nick Warren, Guy Mantzur, My Favorite Robot, Nikko Izzo, Marc Poppcke, Soul Button, Cid Inc., Nick Devon, Darin Epsilon and more?

Bipiem (BPM Event Evolution) is proud to announce that, during 28th-30th of August, they are organizing the first electronic cultural festival in Romania.

Cantacuzino-Frequencies-Day (Custom)

The participants will be able to enjoy a new experience that will bring the music, the technology and the culture on the same frequence. Moreover, it will be the first electronic music festival that takes place in Valea Prahovei. The electronic music, the history, the culture, the nature, the positive energy and the vibrations of one of the strongest energetic points in Romania, will interblend in perfect harmony at CantaCuzino FREQUENCIES, an event that will be held at the Cantacuzino Castle in Bușteni city.

‘The concept of the festival – is different from any other similar action organized until now in Romania. The festival was founded through the integration of electronic music in a place with a history of over a century that hosts, during the festival, the exhibition ‘Welcome into My Brain’ which contains 200 works of art signed by Salvador Dali. The Cantacuzino Castle in Bușteni, Valea Prahovei is one of the most popular touristic points of the country, due to its placement in the most beloved mountain region for practicing mountain sports. We feel that the experience of the event will be a sensuous experience, built on the electronic sound of the moment, sustained by art and the visual concept signed by Salvador Dali, while everything is completed by the unique smell of the mountain nature’, the organizers of the festival have assured us.

Cantacuzino-Frequencies-Night (Custom)

The energetic vibrations will be tuned in with the musical vibes, on 3 stages that will host over 30 international and local artists, that will magnetize the participants around the castle, from the day stage, to the night stage and then to the after party, in a continuous journey that will start on Friday and end on Sunday. We will let ourselves carried away on high frequencies by Nick Warren, Guy Mantzur, My Favorite Robot, Nikko Izzo, Marc Poppcke, Soul Button, Cid Inc., Nick Devon, Darin Epsilon, Marcelo Vasami, Wannas, Disco Duro, Mahony, Mano, Bog, Punu, Alex & Mircea Babescu, Nocturno & Audiopulse, Victor Stancov, Marika, Al

To make this experience more accessible, the organizers will provide a transport solution for the participants in Bucharest, with round trip tickets, that shall be announced soon. Also, a detailed list containing all the available accommodation in Sinaia, Poiana Țapului, Azuga, Bușteni and Predeal is available on the website of the event. The festival is also set to offer a special culinary experience, through the CantaCuisine
restaurant, but also through the food courts placed on the domain of the castle.

Starting July 1st, a limited number of tickets will be available on the website www.canta-cuzino.ro in the Early Bird Offer. You can buy these tickets by completing the form on the website or by ordering on bilete.ro. The first 500 tickets will be sold at the promotional price of 90 RON.
Complete details regarding the access at the event and organization are available on the website www. canta-cuzino.ro and on the Facebook page of the festival, www.facebook.com/CantacuzinoFrequencies BPM Event Evolution, as organizer of CantaCuzino FREQUENCIES, undertakes to deliver original and unique musical events for an audience that loves sensuous experiences and unusual associations.

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