Excite Audio releases Lifeline Console

The second release in Excite Audio’s Lifeline series, Lifeline Console offers five unique modules analogue-style processing: from subtle tonal shaping and signal enhancement to nostalgic Lo-Fi transformation.

While Lifeline Expanse simulates the space and characteristics of real recording environments and re-amping methods, Lifeline Console focuses on mixing in a control room, offering you the sound of sought-after hardware and analogue formats.

The five modules – Pre-amp, EQ, Compressor, Modulation and Wear – are re-arrangeable with expressive interactive displays. Each module has a choice of three algorithms to tailor its processing, advanced parameters for deeper control and all can be run as mid/side processors.

Global controls offer a finalising layer of warmth, sheen and mixing desk circuitry to polish the sound before output. There are 325 presets as starting points for mixing, and the plugin uses zero latency processing throughout.

PRE-AMP – Enhance Warmth

Shape the frequency response curve of your circuit’s character, then further refine the type of drive and enhancement with three modes: Bright offers a high-end presence and sheen that can bring an airy, sparkling quality. Warm adds body, smoothness and presence, particularly useful for midrange frequencies. Dark brings weight and punch to low frequencies.

EQ – Shape Tonal Balance

A classic parametric four-band approach with a choice of three modes. Gain mode offers a clean circuit for simple and precise EQ jobs. Vintage Circuit mode introduces additional harmonics to drive a signal when boosting. Dirty Circuit mode brings all-out saturation and distortion into the EQing process.

COMPRESSOR – Colourful Dynamic Control

Three compression styles – Analogue, Transparent and Variable – impart the character of classic and modern compressor hardware to suit a variety of sources and uses. Console’s unique  Auto-Makeup control simplifies the make-up gain process, by listening to your audio, taking an average of your audio signal and applying the exact amount of gain required.

MODULATION – Nostalgic Pitch Warping

The Modulation section brings back the magic of pitch variations as experienced with Tape, Vinyl and Cassette. Tape mode introduces subtle pitch modulation, Vinyl simulates the warping of a record, and Cassette achieves a more extreme pitch modulation effect as heard on compact-style tapes. Wow and Flutter is found in all three modulation modes, and can even be synced to your DAW’s tempo.

WEAR – Creative Textural Layers

Lifeline Console allows you to mix the Wow and Flutter from one format with physical wear of another. Three distinct Wear modes – Tape, Vinyl and Cassette – bring three types of recogniseable degradation, and the Age control introduces additional saturation and deterioration. Further controls include Amp, Hum, Mechanical noise and Dust as well as Artefacts and Dropouts that can also be synced to your DAW’s tempo.


Before output, the Warm knob enhances the low frequencies of an entire mix, and the Shine knob achieves a high-end sparkle. Find your ideal console to work on for each session with the Triangle Pad, which houses both Clean and Vintage emulations of mixing desk circuitry, allowing you to find the perfect blend between the two and your dry signal.

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