Exclusive guest mix – ThermalBear

As part of our proud support of Hush Hush on April 18th with Dave Seaman, ThermalBear & Ian Ossia, we have an exclusive guest mix before the event to get you in the mood. To find out more about the event, including tickets, head here

ThermalBear is a bear’s bear that makes bear music for bears, twinks, straights, trans, CDs, subs, doms and you. Since signing for Derelicht, ThermalBear (real name: Thermal Bear), has spent his entire advance on Mersea Island honey, premium line adult phone calls, DVD box sets of American cop dramas, DVD box sets of 1970s British sitcoms, a miniature drum kit and an electric piano.
He now has zero pence in his bank account and scrapes by on the generosity of passers-by as he busks his techno songs on an out-of-tune acoustic guitar outside Mornington Crescent station. When the royalties from his Derelicht songs start to trickle in, ThermalBear intends to save them all up and buy a silver Giorgio Armani suit from Debenhams and a pair of leaf green Patrick Cox brogues from River Island. This is to impress the good looking women who come and see him play live in all of the nightclubs he DJs in around the world.

In 2014, kismet activated itself and threw Tonka (Weekly Review of Dance Music) into ThermalBear’s path. It was a dark and misty morning; Tonka was leaving an electro-clash night at Koko when he heard the monotone strum of ThermalBear’s guitar across the road. After crossing, Tonka nodded towards the inwardly looking bear in the station doorway and threw fifty pence into the floored cloth hat. ThermalBear beckoned Tonka towards his mouth and whispered mysteriously, “Tonka, when these acoustic songs you hear are finally pressed onto wax and released as vinyl only releases on Derelicht, I want you to write my artist biography.” Tonka replied, “How do you know my name?” and kissed the back of ThermalBear’s hand before continuing on towards a west London horizon.

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