Exclusive Premier: vaghy – Bite (Video)

Modern Classical composer, vaghy shares an artful new video for the previously released single, ‘Bite’, ahead of his upcoming Sophomore album, ‘Granum’, which will be released on the 26th of May via Théque Records and will be available on digital platforms and vinyl. The video was created by visual artist Péter Lichter using analogue film and stop motion and follows the release of his debut album Minimalism. Having had his music air on KEXP and Ibiza Sonica Radio, the composer’s work has been supported by the German publication FAZEmag as well as the Hungarian webzine Recorder.hu to name a few.

A few years ago, classically trained Hungarian pianist-composer Tamás Vághy decided to share his work with the public under the name vaghy, a moniker under which he arranges piano, synths, and vintage instruments into graceful compositions. Having taken to the keys at the early age of 6, Tamás would go on to organise Piano Day in Budapest, where he would play alongside Lubomyr Melnyk at the Müpa, formerly known as the Palace of Arts, in 2019. Taking influence from Keith Jarrett’s album The Köln Concert, he creates songs comparable to the sheet music of Nils Frahm, Philip Glass, and Stephan Moccio.

“Vaghy creates a minimalist adventure with a very original handwriting.” – FAZEmag

“Smart music that not only dares, but is also able to sweep aside the wall between the outside and the inside, the human soul and the outside world.” – Recorder.hu

“He delights in a harmonically romantic, settled piece with a lot of musical maturity. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.” – Ibiza Sonica

A collage of colour, vaghy’s new video is a body of motion and texture, visually representing reels of piano arpeggios and rolls of multi-octave motifs. Created using 8mm tape cuts, the artwork is like no other, an ever-changing union between painting, film, and melody.

vaghy explains the concept: “The pace and atmosphere of the ‘Bite’ spinning wheel were born from an image I saw at an exhibition. The funny thing is that I didn’t even remember the work of art itself anymore, I only felt the atmosphere and the drift, which then took its final form on the piano.”

Granum Album Tracklist:
1. mane
2. ortus
3. lacuna
4. fenestra
5. imago
6. tristis
7. vita
8. partium
9. nox

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