Exclusive Premiere: Birdee – Rumors ft. Andre Espeut (ISM Records)

Artist: Birdee
Title: Then Came The Sun LP (digital album)
Label: ISM Records
Release Date: 1st March 2019
Genre: Disco

LA-based Italian producer Birdee aka Marcello De Angelis has put together an exciting disco stomper of a debut album, comprised of new tracks, mixes and previously released bangers that captures a fitting sense of joy and occasion for ISM Record’s milestone 100th release.

Vocalist Chloe Amber guest stars on the infectious groove-laden opener and new production “Give Into Love”. A sumptuous, sun-kissed fusion of 70s funk guitar riffs, dreamy deep house bass lines and hazy disco warmth, it’s the kind of track that will be setting dancefloors alight come summer.

With its jammed-out analogue synth riffs, fizzing electronics and elastic bass guitar parts, “Tonite” is an essential instrumental workout, while Birdee’s third new offering “Dinamo” alternates between sumptuous melodiousness and stripped-back, bass-driven disco-funk heaviness.

There’s also an appearance from label boss Yam Who? who drops in an invigorating remix, plus tracks taken from Birdee’s recently released Love EP, including the dynamic Anywhere (which has previously been mixed by Pete Herbert) and the anthemic, pulsating, Balearic-inspired Love, which appears here as the album closer. Then Came The Sun is the ultimate package, a snapshot both of Birdee’s sharply honed production talents and of ISM’s inspiring catalogue – past, present and future.

01. Give Into Love Ft. Chloe Amber (new mix)
02. Tonite
03. Chemistry ft. Chloe Amber & Hypnotic Lovers
04. Song For Francesca
05. Rumours ft. Andre Espeut
06. Dinamo
07. Meant To Be ft Alena
08. Anywhere
09. Don’t Give Up (Your Love)
08. Do Your Thing
11. Love

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