Exclusive Premiere: Blavatsky & Tolley – River Inside (Evil Plans Records)

Phil Peskett and Jamie Tolley aka Blavatsky & Tolley are about to release their first track on their record label, the track is River Inside, the label is Evil Plans records. This is not an ordinary artist collaboration, these guys have history, as close as brothers.

Jamie was first introduced to Phil in the early 90s, at the time Jamie held a residency at Club UK and Phil was firmly placed on the band circuit, but it was electronic music that brought them together. Via a group of mutual friends, Jamie first encountered Phil in a South East London loft studio, this was Phil’s loft and the start of a beautiful friendship. According to Jamie, Phil was a ‘larger than life’ character and the pair instantly bonded. Hanging out and enjoying music together became a regular pastime. Jamie loved Phil’s style, but at the time they were experimenting with sound and did not even think to release anything.

Fast forward three decades and Blavatsky & Tolley are on it. Phil’s blues/rock band have separated, Jamie’s weekly electronic music radio show is established with a regular following and the time is right – everything happens for a reason. Phil got back the taste for electronic music, he always loved what Jamie played on the show and became inspired to collaborate and create with him. Over the New Year from 2019/2020 the guys spent nearly three days straight in the studio, the music flowed and River Inside was born.

“River Inside, it’s a journey, a twister of a tune. I’m a river inside, that’s how you feel when you’re on the dancefloor where nothing else matters as the music runs through you. It’s a great feeling and that is a river inside you.” – Jamie Tolley

Phil’s musical background as a vocalist and harmonicist combined with Jamie’s nous for electronic music and exposure to constantly new material from showcasing international artists on a weekly basis makes for creative brilliance.

The initial plan for the label Evil Plans records was to debut and release Blavatsky & Tolley’s music, but knowing these guys this is just the beginning of something truly mind-blowing, and much bigger than that. River Inside comes with two fantastic remixes by Al Mackenzie’s Retroforward and BTCOP, two completely different takes and equally as breath-taking as the original. Rich Lane from Cotton Bud did a superb job on the mastering of all three, a great collaborative effort on this super EP. This has been a long time coming, watch this space.

Juno vinyl presale available here.

Available via Beatport on 25th September 2020.

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