Exclusive Premiere: Blue Amazon & Zak Gee – Interpretations Part 1 (Album)

Artist: Blue Amazon & Zak Gee
Title: Interpretations Part 1
Format: Digital
Release date: 19th February 2018 – Pre-order available
Genre: Progressive

Blue Amazon is back with another edition split into 2 parts alongside a regular on the Se-Lek Music imprint Zak Gee. It is clear from the tracks in this edition, the two of them have clicked nicely working together. The interpretations series is quoted as being not a collaboration, an original artist project or a remix project so we asked Lee Softley aka Blue Amazon what the aim is.

The “Interpretations” album project is very much a concept that was originally born in 2014 with Ian Ossia and myself at the time. The idea was to create an album based on varying artist interpretations (hence where the name comes from) of the Blue Amazon and on this album also the Zak Gee sound.

The tracks featured are a real combination of original tracks either written by Zak and myself or remixes Zak and myself have reworked of other artists. In contrast, it also includes other artist’s remixes of Blue Amazon & Zak Gee titles. So it’s a real cross-bread of ideas and different producers influences, all rolled into one.

When the series first started in 2014 we also produced a DJ mixed version, mixed by Ian Ossia and released on limited CD. This time around we are just releasing the single tracks but spanned over two albums.

This is part 1 of the new series, which expresses the darker side of Techno & progressive influences. Part 2 is due April takes a different direction with more house influences and the sound of progressive that people associate with Zak and me. Big thanks to Zak, KoZY, Disscut, Henek, Feed on Digital and Patrick Hero who all feature on part 1.

The interpretations album opens up with a track called Conversations in Earthquakes which is a delightful soundscape of atmospheric textures combined with a pulsating bassline which evolves and changes shape throughout the track along with a simple but melodic melody that shimmers in the background to create some delightful harmonic moments.

The nice clean harmonic vibe then turns its attention to a number of tracks which will fit into either techno or house sets, perfect for the dancefloor. There is plenty of variation to suit different vibes, from KoZY’s remix of Silence of the Apes which is a stab driven groover, the Henek remix of Neonato, a smooth stomper of a progressive house track with some nice percussion elements which dip in and out through to Radar 69 which is a lively progressive/techno peak time stomper with subtle vocal fx and a lovely driving melodic element.

The 10th track of the album, Lost Control is an acid orientated techno track which builds from a groove into some vocal fx before finally landing in acid territory for a nice finale.

01. Blue Amazon & Zak Gee – Conversations in Earthquakes (Original Mix)
02. Blue Amazon & Zak Gee – The Lights Go Out (Disscut_Remix)
03. Blue Amazon & Zak Gee – Silence of the Apes (KoZY Remix)
04. Blue Amazon & Zak Gee – Lithium 1 (Original Mix)
05. Feed On Digital – Dsyfr (Blue Amazon & Zak Gee Remix)
06. Blue Amazon & Zak Gee – Neonato (Henek Remix)
07. Blue Amazon & Zak Gee – Radar 69 (Original Mix)
08. Blue Amazon & Zak Gee – Cluster Funked (Patrick Hero Remix)
09. Blue Amazon & Zak Gee – Buzz Core (Original Mix)
10. Blue Amazon & Zak Gee – Lost Control (Original Mix)
11. Blue Amazon & Zak Gee – Lithium 2 (Original Mix)

About the Author

George is a house music producer & DJ, touching on Progressive and Techno. He is signed to Pro B Tech Managements artist’s roster and has released music on labels including Pro B Tech, B-Tech Noir, ICONYC, Plethora, Clinique and more. His DJ sets and productions are atmospheric, melodic and sometimes groovy. George has played the piano from a young age and has since moved on to electronic music, digital and analog synth’s and DJing using many formats including vinyl, CDJs, Traktor & Ableton.