Exclusive Premiere: BTCOP – I So Late (Evil Plans Records)


BTCOP first got into electronic music at the age 14 when he first bunked into the legendry Scottish nightclub ‘Pure’ in Edinburgh. That was back in 1990. He was hooked overnight and starting attending raves and clubs whenever he could. At this stage, he was never really interested in DJing and was more interested in the instruments used to make electronic music. He was always interested in the techy side of music production and was very aware of instruments such as the TB303, TR808, and TR909. When he just turned 17 his father, a professional guitar tutor, offered an Akai sampler or driving lessons. This was a no brainer. He already had an Atari ST for gaming so was able to create a small set up using Cubase, a small mixer, and monitors. Then the mid-90s happened and some of the sparkle seemed to have gone from the scene. In any case, he lost interest for a while until about 2000 when he started attending another legendary Scottish Club night ‘Optimo’.

By this time he was working professionally as a consultant engineer so had some disposable income and it was at this stage he started collecting vinyl on a pretty large scale. Buying uploads of old Belgian new beat and techno records as well as more modern electronic sounds. He also started to reignite some interest in music production and started buying up some of the old classic Roland analogue gear. He slowly built up a home studio and started learning modern production techniques. By 2012 he was attending ALFOS at the Berkley suit in Glasgow and it was at this time that he really started to spend more and more of his spare time experimenting with production. This had to be balanced with raising two young kids and working full time which made progress slow, but reconnecting with the nightlife seemed to spark a much greater level of inspiration which led him to sending some demo tracks to NEIN records, which were snapped up and signed. More recently BTCOP sent some tracks out to Evil Plans Records.

When Jamie Tolley (co-owner of Evil Plans Records) called BTCOP to tell him he wanted to release the tracks they immediately started discussing remixes, very quickly agreeing on who they would like to get on board. So Jamie set about the task and contacted Duncan Gray and Javier Busto. They were both excited to hear they were up for it. As it turned out, Duncan actually produced two great remixes so rather than pick just one, the decision was made to include both on the release. A very pleasant bonus. Javier and Duncan really delivered on this.

For his first release on this new label, BTCOP presents two contrasting tracks. He explains, “I So Late was produced in the sunny summer of lockdown reflects the slower pace of life in isolation. Whereas Lexeme, a total opposite, is an evil plan and is yearning for us to get back onto the darker side of the dancefloor.”

BTCOP – I So Late
BTCOP – Lexeme
BTCOP – I So Late (Duncan Gray Flotation Remix)
BTCOP – I So Late (Duncan Gray Inhalation Remix)
BTCOP – Lexeme (Javier Busto Remix)

The I So Late/Lexeme EP is out on 4 September 2020.
Presale link here.

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Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!