Exclusive Premiere – Charles Oliver – Neglect (Original Mix) – Labyrinth

One of Australia’s most exciting, unique breakthrough talents right now. His music and performances are thick with power and journey, fusing his love of complex atmospheric synthesis, crunchy hypnotic Techno, blending with tribalistic House rhythms.

From the young age of 24, Charles has had a slingshot trajectory, giving him the opportunity to perform at some of the most recognised Australian Clubs, Events and Festivals. From showcasing a 2am Techno journey @ Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018, to closing the Main Stage of Earthcore 2017, Charles has also performed at Tanglewood Festival, Bohemian Beat Freaks Festival & Babylon Festival to name a few.

Label: Bassic Records
Release: Labyrinth, Lost In Techno 02 – Compiled by ZigMon
Catalogue Number: BSSVA05
Release Date: Tuesday July 23, 2019
Available At: All major online stores, streaming services and Bassic Records bandcamp

1. Doppel – The Styx (Original Mix)
2. Ark-E-Tech & Mecca – Phenomenon (Original Mix)
3. Käse Kochen & Monotreme – Shiver (Biomass Remix)
4. Spintribe – Atlas (Original Mix)
5. Rainbird – Zephyr (Original Mix)
6. Waveback feat. Yokobus – The Good Life (Original Mix)
7. Nanoplex – Doctor Syn (EEEMUS’s Artificial Intelligence Adaptation)
8. Gabriel Moraes – Spurge (Original Mix)
9. John Baptiste & Samwise – Terraform (Original Mix)
10. Sandokan & Diamandy – Falarma (Original Mix)
11. TAYA & Doppel – Sanctuary (Original Mix)
12. Charles Oliver – Neglect (Original Mix)
13. Victor Y – Rainforest (Original Mix)
14. Mud – Mistakes (Original Mix)

A rainforest sanctuary. A phenomenon neglected from every atlas. Colours, shapes, creatures native to the sunburnt bushlands, fill the labyrinth. A truly distinctive display of vibrance. The passageway walls are penetrated by beams of light that set aglow greens and golds, purples and blue hues. Darkness occupies the leafy edge and ominous corners, shrouding the maze in thrill. The journey takes many forms. The destination unbeknownst to those within the labyrinth, but the destination remains unimportant.

‘Labyrinth, Lost In Techno 02 – Compiled by ZigMon’
Release Date: July 23, 2019
Available At: All major online stores, streaming services, Bassic Records bandcamp

Bassic Records’ second instalment of ‘Labyrinth: Lost In Techno’ showcases the definitive and colourful styles of Australian electronic dance music, ever growing in popularity. Influenced heavily by nature and the unique dance events that take place in the great outdoors, the sound takes form as progressive and psychedelic jaunts of techno and house, driven by emotive storytelling.

The 14 track compilation comprises of label stalwarts Doppel, Gabriel Moraes, Ark-E-Tech, Rainbird, TAYA, EEEMUS, John Baptiste, Käse Kochen, Monotreme, Victor Y, and collaborators Nanoplex (UK), Waveback (IT), Mud (IT/DE), Spintribe (RU), Diamandy (SE), Sandokan (IL), Charles Oliver, Biomass, Mecca, Samwise and Yokobus.

Sitting at an average of 125bpm, the compilation reaches a beefy 127 with ‘Spurge’ by Gabriel Moraes and is rounded off with the deep intricate closer, Mud’s ‘Mistakes’ at a neat 113bpm. Exploring an array of unique sub genres, some tracks can be identified as progressive techno, progressive house, psytech, deep techno, others are difficult to categorise into anything. We call it ‘bush techno’.

‘Labyrinth: Lost In Techno 2’ Compiled by ZigMon – will be available at all major online stores and the
Bassic Records bandcamp – July 23, 2019.

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