Exclusive Premiere: Ciccone – The Unknown (Octubretv Ediciones)

Artist: Ciccone
Title: CICCONE#3
Label: Octubretv Ediciones (www.octubre.tv)
Release date: 23rd February 2018
Recorded, mixing and mastering by Ciccone
Genre: Techno / Industrial

Ciccone is a labour of love by Diego Delgado. A graphic designer and videographer originally hailing from Madrid and based in Berlin. Accompanied by 16mm video projections, the live project is a semi-improvised journey through his musical influences, touching on ambient, noise, shoegaze, motorik rhythms and experimental techno. He is a part of recently launched Octubre.tv, a music platform and live music video producers. They started this year with the project of creating a label that will be releasing music in vinyl, cassette and digitally.

This is Diego’s third EP under the moniker Ciccone and the last one of this series of EPs. The first track The Unknown is a dance floor weapon. Techno with industrial, wave and psychedelic rock elements. The second track Selchower is a teaser of Ciccone’s upcoming releases. He is now focusing on more post-rock and ambient sounds keeping though some part of the dancey noisy sound of his previous releases.

About the Author

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