Exclusive Premiere: Doctors On Decks – Now

There is no past. There is no future. Only now. All that matters is the moment. With pharmaceutical drugs for “happiness”, “courage” or “stability”, we can determine how we want to feel at any given moment.

But the promises of the corporate giant GRAND ECHO are beginning to crumble. The first cracks are showing in our false reality. Can our physical and mental health really be bought?

The fictional setup deals with the impact of the unknown on society, and by reflecting and exaggerating our reality, Doctors On Decks uses THE MINUS as a metaphor to articulate a subtle, artistic critique of the world we live in.

”NOW” Video:
Dancer: Karin Pauer is an Austrian performer and choreographer
She has collaborated internationally with choreographers, filmmakers and visual artists, including Liquid Loft / Chris Haring, Davis Freeman, Mike O’Connor and Maureen Kaegi.

Visual Effects Studio: k18
With offices in Vienna and Delhi, specializing in creating digital worlds for film and TV productions, from Hollywood blockbusters like Roland Emmerich’s 2012 to Austrian independent productions like THE MINUS. Clients include Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Imagineering and Netflix.

DOP: Gerald Kerkletz
Is a multiple award-winning cinematographer. (including 3x Winner Best Cinematography of the Austrian Filmfestival Diagonale & 3x Nominated Best Cinematography at the Austrian Film Award).

Actor: Robert Finster
Title role in the Netflix series “Freud” (2020).
He was featured in the Netflix series “Tribes of Europa” as Crimson Commander David Voss in 2021.

The team – Martin, Severin and Miller — whose stories now compile a novel. Martin (a multi-award-winning architect and designer), Severin (a full-blooded musician, singer and electro-wunderkind) and Miller (an author and director working on international film projects) have joined forces as Doctors on Decks. Together their influences and professions cross over, interact and multiply to deliver something fresh and new.

The diversity of their backgrounds shines through in their productions. Centring around melodic techno, new ideas influx from everywhere – from psychedelic rock to punk, from the movie theatre to contemporary art.

With 150 videos, 40 audio tracks, 90 midi sequences, live instruments and vocals, they have created THE MINUS LIVE SHOW, a multimedia synthesis of the arts whose concept was cultivated over the last 10 years. With artists from all over the world, they’ve unfolded a universe that moves between art and entertainment in the form of images, texts, film, sound and music.

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