Exclusive Premiere – Exclusive Premiere – Lockyear – Taming the Elephant (OTB Records)

Label: OTB Records
Artist: Lockyear
Title: Wave Knowledge EP
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat.Number: OTB009
Release Date: February 17th, 2017

With this offering – his second for OTB Records – Lockyear strives to balance the three daunting pillars of the human condition. Evolving the inventive palette heard on his debut, Wave Knowledge EP explores the connection between body, mind and soul.
Bodymind sets the route, its muscular rhythm bearing fertile ground for sweeping pads and a lively arpeggiator. As it marches on, the beat’s tense lows and soaring highs combine to create dance floor euphoria.

On the flip side, Wave Knowledge takes us to a deeper place. Distorted stabs and playful bleeps glide around an embracing bass line, while a mystical pad and subconscious hum look for peace of mind.

That peace of mind can be found in Taming the Elephant. At the heart of the track is an enigmatic vocal that takes you into a meditative state while subtly pulsating chords caress your soul. Perfect after a night of ecstasy. Just like the previous OTB record, 88888 designed an art stamp that will be used to produce the vinyl sleeves by hand, making each piece unique. For this one they drew inspiration from Calder’s moving structures.

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