Exclusive Premiere: Full Circuit – Episode 2: Gossamer Threads

Prolific composer and producer Mat Andasun marks a new creative era with ‘Gossamer Threads’, a deep and brooding spoken vocal line that accentuates the track’s spaced out, minimalist instrumentation. Lifted from the brand new 22 track spoken narrative album ‘Full Circuit’, it presents a dystopian story of the living, the dying and the unknown, told through dreamy synth underscores and inspirational electronic instrumentals.

Presented in two parts, the first 11 tracks follow the story of the protagonist traversing darkness to reconciliation and the second 11 tracks uncover the experience in pure music form. Music-only singles Gossamer Threads (4 Jan) and Synthetic Bliss (12 Jan) illuminate with vibrant tones while the focus track Beginning (album release day, 21 Jan) submerges the listener in calming synthetic radiance.

The project features episodic full-track animations released throughout January, illustrating the full circuit with mesmerising visuals.

“This album is my nod to the influences of the 1970s on my writing — the throb of arpeggiated synths underpinning sweeping soundscapes bound together by a narrative, in the manner so beloved by the concept albums of the time. In contrast to the character of the music, the story is not rooted in time nor place. The plot is simple and sparse, encouraging the listener to use the music to continue the character’s journey. The videos, based on Rémy Auger’s amazing artwork, add another layer of retro meaning to the album as they bring to mind Alan Turing’s post-war experimentation with machine learning. Even though I had a very distinct period of music in mind when I wrote the album, the making of it was done in a very 21st-Century way — totally ‘in the box’ with no hardware synths used at all.” – Mat Andasun

Mat Andasun exists in musical worlds encompassing TV, film, vocal, orchestral, percussive, jazz and diverse electronic forms. His long career spans the 1980s prog rock revival as part of Pendragon (EMI) followed by the 90s underground samba scene and a multiplicity of commissions for dance companies, theatre companies and short films, with further countless placements in television programmes including Louis Theroux, Horizon, Panorama, Between The Covers, Top Gear and The Bridge

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!