Exclusive Premiere: Jovonn – Takin It Blaque (Body N’Deep Records)

Artist: Jovonn
Title: Timeless
Label: Body N’Deep Records
Cat No: BND003
Release date: 23rd September 2018
Format: 3 x vinyl LP & Digital
Genre: Deep House

Jovonn exploded onto the house scene in 1991 with his second release, “Turn and Runaway” on Warner Bros which reached number 10 on the Billboard chart and catapulted Jovonn onto the global House scene.

A pioneer of the NYC, New Jersey, 90’s house sound, he’s produced many classics with releases such as “Back In the Dark”, “Garage Shelter”, “I Can’t Make Up My Mind”, “I Wanna Go To A Club” that all contain Jovonn’s distinctive vocal delivery and trademark production, as the man says himself ‘gritty sounds, hard kicks, jazzy chords and a phat bassline’. Other releases in Jovonn’s impressive discography include ‘Something About this Love’ ( WestEnd Records), “The Spirit” album (Track Mode), and the “Blaque House” album on Code Red. More recently he’s delivered releases on prestigious labels such as Clone, Dogmatik, Objektivity, Deeply Rooted House and Apollonia, showcasing his talents to a new audience of house music lovers.

Jovonn launched his new label Body N ’ Deep earlier this year via Clone Distribution, dedicated to releasing the hottest deepest and rawest underground house tracks from Jovonn and his crew of producers and vocalists. ‘Timeless’ is Jovonn ’s first since ‘Blaque House’ in 2009. The album focusses on the deeper side of house and Jovonn’s trademark New Jersey house sound, with contributions by Patrick Mangan (violin) on ‘Hesperia Soul’ and Cassioware on ‘Turnin Me Out’.

KEEP ON – In the middle of the night around 5:30 am after mixing down “get outta my bass” I was heading for bed about to shut everything down and then started looking for piano sounds for future projects. I found this really nice piano sound and I did this chord progression and loved it, I then started creating a drum track around it and finished it that morning and recorded the “keep on” hook I sang in harmony and that was it.

AFFECTION – I was kind of in a mellow mood one afternoon and created these melodic chords and strings, soulful bassline which was supposed to be an interlude, I began to adlib singing and liked what I was saying and just started recording, I never write any of my songs,I just put on the headphones and say whatever comes to mind.

HESPERIA SOUL – was created from a summer Sunday out in Hesperia California which is up in the mountains I was over playing around with my Maschine Mikro and UBS keyboard, the chords followed, then the drum track. I came back home to finish it and thought it needs something that can bring out this track and thought of a friend of mine Patrick Mangan, who I met at a party Kerri Chandler was playing at, I was blown away by his violin skills and called him to do a solo for me and it worked so well.

GET OUTTA MY BASS – just an experiment I was thinking of by doing a stop and go track and standalone choppy chords and bounce back with sampled snare and thump kick and a classic deep house bassline.

PARTY IN MY HOUSE – leads into a nice deep house drum track, with a really dope sub bassline. I decided to talk over it because I love the driving drums and sub and I was on a vibe.

MOON GROVE – I was going for that house swing and outta space vocal adlib, I laid it down and it worked and I’m sure it will work for the dance floor.

MOVE YA HIPS – is a track I thought of in a middle of a Jamie Jones party in my NYC hometown club OUTPUT I came back home and created it.

TURNING ME OUT – Is a track I created bouncing back to my roots of the 90s goldtone style and asked my good friend Cassio Ware to get involved, who laid down his deep sensual spoken words and jersey style vocals that put this track the way I wanted it and me adding my classic piano solo towards the end.

TAKING IT BLAQUE – is an old skool style I wanted to give my old school friends who love this bouncin’ off the wall swing drum track and driving bassline and my typical Jovonn chords added with vocal samples that fits for what I was going for “I love my black people, take it, take it blaque”

L SPEEX – came about in one day i was talking to a dj friend of mine MELL STARR a hiphop dj who love to play house music and also produced his own tracks re edits of classic R&B songs , we had this idea to collaborate , he came over to my studio and brought a bunch of samples and we found two that worked with this track I’ve already created. We added his ideas into it and he also added the congas near the end, I put everything else into the finished track and gave it life.

TURNED UP – Has both a current and classic sound, giving you my Jovonn hard kick and deep bassline and stabby chords building up to a loud tight snare and string stab making you wanna close your eyes and feel every instrument playing in this track.

TIMELESS – Is one of those dance soulful classic r&b feel I was going for, bringing you that old skool sal soul feeling with the jazzy horn, phat funky chunky bassline and study string chords bringing you my rhythm element.

A1- Keep On
A2- Affection
B1- Hesperia Soul
B2- Get Outta My Bass
C1- Party In My House
C2- Moon Groove
D1- Move Ya Hips
D2- Turnin Me Out Feat Cassio Ware
E1- Takin It Blaque
E2- L Speex
F1- Turned Up
F2- Timeless

Andrew Wowk
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