Exclusive Premiere: Koichi – The Way A Digital Petal Falls (RESIST)

Artist: Koichi
Title: Uncanny Valley EP
Cat No: RSST001
Format: 12″ Vinyl / Digital
Release date: 15th June 2018
Genre: Experimental / Techno

Uncanny Valley EP sonically explores the uneasy, obscure but familiar relationships between human and machine in contemporary life. This is the debut release on RESIST, the record label launched by experimental club/art hybrid event from Belfast, Northern Ireland. This debut release is by RESIST event and label founder, Koichi. The remix comes from electronic music innovator and Eotrax label owner, Eomac in an anxiety driven, frenzied remix of the title track.

Jagged and angular sonics and warm organic artefacts are the defining sound of this release, which imitates the theme behind the music. Machines are being engineered to have a place in intimate and personal areas of human life. What does it mean to be human in this increasingly digital world? Are we anything more than complicated robots made of flesh? Where does humanity stop and the uncanny begin?

Koichi returns with a new sound, signalling a departure away from his previous aesthetic and into a new direction breaking free from the boundaries and categories of restrictive genre definitions. His music continues to contain a heavy techno aspect, and also draws on raw industrial and experimental influences.

Koichi is an electronic musician, music researcher, and event curator who explores resisting exclusionary identities and disrupting discourses of power and prejudice through music and live digital art.

A1 Uncanny Valley
A2 五輪
B1 The Way a Digital Petal Falls
B2 Uncanny Valley (Eomac remix)


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