Exclusive Premiere: Luis Junior – Energy Success (Monaberry)

Artist: Luis Junior
Title: Energy Success EP
Label: Monaberry
Cat No: Mona048
Release date: 22nd June 2018
Genre: House / Techno

Monaberry welcome a genuine OG to their family: Madrid magician Luis Junior. With over 20 years of releases on some of the most respected labels across electronica, he returns with his biggest release in several years. Four originals, and one killer remix from Super Flu

‘Energy Success’ is an immense construction. An intense narrative with full suspense and release through its bewildering staccato synth riff, this drives, and drives until you don’t think it can twist any further… Only to find it does.

‘Ways’ takes us even deeper into Luis’s cosmic universe as a beautiful humanoid texture provides the lead while big washes sweep in the background. Gently rising with layers of positivity and musicality, there’s bewildering magic laced deep into the soul of the track… Something that label boss Super Flu complement in a completely flipped way with the remix. Taking the chords and building them around tightly plucked instrumentation, there’s a pensive sense of drama running throughout.

Elsewhere ‘Reality’ is every bit the jolt its name suggests. Strident, pulsating with a theatrical edge, this lives in its own lane. A true 1 am level-raiser, this is the quintessential ‘no-turning-back’ track when the late night massive slip into top gear.

Finally ‘This Is Now’ closes the EP with a stark, stripped back march that rasps with alien dub delays and a time-bending sense of technoid trippiness. This is now, this is the past, this is the future… Places where Luis has dominated since his first releases 25 years ago. Rest assured we’ll be seeing him again soon, too.

01. Luis Junior – Energy Success
02. Luis Junior – Ways (Super Flu RMX)
03. Luis Junior – Ways
04. Luis Junior – Reality
05. Luis Junior – This Is Now

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