Exclusive Premiere: Mac Vaughn – The Deconstruction

San Francisco-based DJ/producer, Mac Vaughn kicks off the new year in style with a ringing serpentine riff and a monstrously hooky bassline with a nod to harder edge techno and hedonism on ‘The Deconstruction’, a Berghain-style peak time record out this January through his own Fierce Animals imprint.

“The Deconstruction is mayhem… rave mayhem. I always like to push the boundaries of techno and electric dance music. What happens when the party gets “real” dark for a minute? What happens if we completely turn out the lights? The Deconstruction is about going inwards, finding your inner oblivion, and jumping head first into the void. Letting go of what you know and being in the moment. What will you find? Relentless bass, pounding drums, intricate groves, big techno rave stabs, and a seismic drop are sure to create a moment in time.” – Mac Vaughn

As founder and head of Fierce Animal Recordings, a top 100 techno label, Mac has created a unique space to explore the boundaries of the genre. After many years of influencing the San Francisco dance music scene, his visionary creations are now at the forefront of the global techno movement, delivering a curated experience to listeners who are tuned in. Let’s rave.

The Deconstruction is released on 13th January 2023.

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