Exclusive Premiere: Mallorca Lee – Acid & Eve (Album Mix) MLXL

Artist: Mallorca Lee
Title: Acid & Eve
Label: MLXL
Release Date: 12th April 2019
Genre: Acid House

Scottish rave mainstay Mallorca Lee celebrates 30 years of Acid House and Roland technology with new album Acid & Eve. Mallorca Lee has been described as ‘the voice of our rave generation’. With several decades worth experience as a DJ and producer, he was also a member of the hit-making electronic music groups Ultra-Sonic and Public Domain. He has released over ten albums, three of them solo and countless EPs that have blazed a trail through acid house, rave, hip-hop and rock.

Some three decades on from the birth of acid house, Mallorca Lee’s new LP Acid & Eve pays homage to the genre and the equipment that is synonymous with its sound. As Lee explains: “Acid & Eve is my take on acid house today, sequenced and recorded live on only Roland, Aria and Boutique equipment. I stepped away from the computer and used nothing else but the original vintage equipment, alongside Roland’s new range of equipment. It was these classic machines that got me into dance music in the first place.”

From the electric energy of the album opener, the aptly-titled Welcome To My Acid House, to the magnetic pull of Deep Inside (featuring longtime guest vocalist Ross Ferguson) and the prophetic track The Future Acid House, Acid & Eve pays tribute to the early Belgium techno & acid while also keeping its sights firmly fixed on the horizon.

Lee explains: “I wanted to put my stamp on acid house, so the album was a tip of the hat to that lineage but with my stamp on it. I really think it is Future Acid House and I am always looking out to see what happens next when these machines get snapped up with today’s producers.”

Known for his eye for musical detail, Lee has also faithfully recreated the Trax Records acid house inspired Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principles track ‘Your Love’: “I didn’t want to approach this as a remix, I wanted to stay true to Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle original, which was harder than I thought. I painstaking sequenced all the right drum sounds, snares, kicks and high hats from the TR-8.”

After buying his first serious production setup in 1991 (an Ensoniq ESQ1 Keyboard and an Alesis SR 16 Drum Machine) Mallorca Lee acquired his first Roland TR 909 drum machine “from a saxophonist working in Victor Morris Pawn Shop in Glasgow in 1993. Everything I did on Acid & Eve is with the greatest respect to those machines” he states. “I dedicated the album to Ikutaro Kakehashi ( the creator of Roland Corp), Spanky and DJ Piere (the originators of Acid House) and Eggy Bam Yasi, Scotland’s Acid House Master. Without them and these machines fuck knows where I would be!”

The album artwork was also created by Mallorca Lee. He has made his name as a painter and last year showed his latest collection Acid Experience. Lee draws parallels between the acid house sound and his artwork, stating: “I am constantly intrigued by this sound, it challenges the listener to try to make sense of what they are hearing. This is also something I carried into my paintings when I made the album artwork, I wanted to challenge the viewer to try to make sense of what they were looking at.”

Below is short interview about the making of Acid & Eve:

The Acid & Eve LP will be preceded by an EP release in March. The Acid Aira ep-01 will feature two cuts from Acid & Eve – Deep Inside and Future Acid House – plus bonus track TR-8, which does not appear on the full album.

01. Welcome To My Acid House
02. Acid & Eve
03. Deep Inside feat. Ross Ferguson
04. Melting Butterfly
05. Substance Abuse
06. The Future Acid House
07. Your Love
08. Bear In The Black Hole
09. Black Dog
10. Distortion

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